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The Best Nashville Engagement Session Locations from Kéra Photography

Hey all you engaged Nashville lovers, today’s guest post is for you! Engagement photos are such an exciting part of wedding planning and a great way to get comfortable in front of the camera. We know some couples have had to put the fun of this on hold, but rest assured you’ll be posing all cute in front of the camera soon enough! In the meantime, it’s great to start getting some ideas of where you want to hold your session, which is why with the help of Kéra Photography we’re sharing the best Nashville engagement session locations! Keep scrolling to see Kéra’s favorite spots and why she loves photographing there!

Written by Kéra:

As many of you reading this may have experienced, you were engaged during the holidays! It’s not surprising to say the least as nearly 40% of couples get engaged between the months of Thanksgiving and Valentine’s day! So if you are one of those lucky couples, you had to experience putting off engagement photos during the quarantine. But, stay at home orders are starting to lift, and exactly at the same time that the weather is beginning to change. Coincidence? I say not! I’m getting really excited for what’s next and I wanted to be able to provide y’all with some pretty amazing options for engagement photography here in Nashville! 

Long Hunter State Park: The Best Nashville Engagement Session Locations from Kéra Photography featured on Nashville Bride Guide

Long Hunter State Park

All state parks closed during the quarantine making it almost impossible to enjoy the scenic views from the rocks at Long Hunter State Park. But imagine this, while we were all home resting, so were the parks! I’m sure you’ve seen all the lush greenery blossoming from outside your windows, and the lushness at Long Hunter State Park is my favorite. Long Hunter State Park not only has spectacular, and well-kept lushness that you and your beau can peruse and dance in, but it also is home to one of the most amazing lake views by way of high cliffs! If you are a couple looking for a mountaintop feel, this is the place for you. Not only can it make you feel like you’re somewhere in the colorado vastness, but you have the most intimate scenery for those really up close, romantic shots. 

Servier Park: The Best Nashville Engagement Session Locations from Kéra Photography featured on Nashville Bride Guide

Servier Park 

If you haven’t been to Sevier Park yet, tucked right alongside 12th South, you must! It’s the cutest little spot for a lot of different photo opportunities including: hiding out under the trees with the sunlight peering in while drinking a glass of wine. For my couples, it acts as the most perfect little place to pretend like you’re in the countryside of France! In addition, there is an old home there, left from the civil war, that provides a really nice touch of character in the backdrops of your photos. One thing to note is that this park can sometimes be a little crowded, but not to fear, there’s plenty of room to work around the crowds. 

Union Station Hotel: The Best Nashville Engagement Session Locations from Kéra Photography featured on Nashville Bride Guide

Union Station Hotel 

Downtown Nashville is one of the most eclectic places for photos, I say this because you can literally find a practically perfect set up in uncharted corners and areas around the city. Union Station was built in 1900 to service the 8 railroads that brought passengers to and from Nashville. Not only is it a super functional venue, but it’s beyond beautiful. Iron gates, big ceiling to floor windows, and a perfect view to watch the sunset. In addition, every single corner of this building is breathtaking, including the stone perimeters!

Capitol Hill and the War Memorial: The Best Nashville Engagement Session Locations from Kéra Photography featured on Nashville Bride Guide

Capitol Hill and the War Memorial 

One of my all time favorite places to shoot is at the War Memorial tucked right behind the capitol! Not only does it provide a really unique backdrop full of old Roman character, but it’s usually empty with little to no bystanders! There’s no shortage of photo opportunities here where you can use the columns to your advantage, walk alongside the walls lined with greenery, and even use the stairs to capture the capitol in the background. This is a picture perfect paradise for any couple!

Percy Warner Stairs: The Best Nashville Engagement Session Locations from Kéra Photography featured on Nashville Bride Guide

Percy Warner Stairs

As a Florida native, it’s such a treat to explore all the parks surrounding Nashville, including the historic Percy Warner steps! These steps go WAY up and they are surrounded by trees. These steps are a great background for dancing, kissing, and even popping champagne! I like to end my sessions here as a way to celebrate the end to a really fun shoot. 

The engagement session not only serves to provide images for the save the dates and your wedding website, but it also allows you and your photographer to get to know each other before the big wedding day. It’s a way to break down those walls and get comfortable with your photographer and in front of the camera. As part of my process, I like to send out a questionnaire to really get to know my couple so that we can curate an engagement session that is not only fun, but represents who they are well. I hope we get the chance to work together soon! There’s still so many areas left to be explored! Cheers!

Huge thank you to Kéra Photography for sharing the best Nashville engagement session locations! If you’re looking for an engagement photographer, Kéra’s work is incredible! Be sure to visit her website and follow her on Instagram!


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