Intimate, Burgundy Wedding at historic Rippavilla Plantation | Spring Hill, Tennessee Real Wedding

Carrie-Lynn and Blake's wedding has a beautiful backstory – one that is so meaningful to their love story. Both Carrie-Lynn and Blake lost their previous spouses. Their love grew as they leaned on each other to cope with loss. Their wedding was so significant and meaningful on the grounds of Rippavilla Plantation with burgundy details. Their families blended together in a beautiful ceremony in the gardens and the intimate setting of close family and friends danced the night away beneath the cafe lights on the patio. See their beautiful photos by Laklin Brooke Photography below and hear their heartwarming story straight from Carrie-Lynn.

From the bride, Carrie-Lynn: As most brides do, I am sure when planning their wedding, they plan it as though it will be the only one in their lifetime. I was one of those brides twenty-six years ago. However, the cruelty of life set me on a different path. I, at the age of forty-six, lost my husband to a heart attack, a loss I would wish for no one. I was lonely, heartbroken, and filled with grief. After some time had passed, Blake, who had suffered the same cruelty six months prior to the loss of my husband, reached out to express that if I ever needed someone to talk to that could relate to my situation, he understood, because he had been there. Our genuine friendship quickly kindled into a forever romance. Blake is one of the most compassionate, loving, and kind-hearted persons I know.  We were there for each other in one of the worst times of our lives, and now we have each other to embark on some of the best times of our lives. 

From the bride Carrie-Lynn: Our story led us to the Rippavilla Plantation to begin our new lives together. We chose Rippavilla for its history and sweet southern charm. We had a small private and intimate service with our parents, children, and grandchildren. Our evening began with a photo on the grand staircase riveting with royal flows of red velvet carpet. We had our first look in the lush carriage gardens there, and I can still feel the light breeze brushing through the folds of my gown and hair. Our ceremony was hosted in the northside lawn, where we could hear the overflowing waters echoing from the beautiful nearby fountain. Our photographer captured a gorgeous sunset photo with the magnificent white columns looming in the background of the front porch.  After a lavish banquet-style dinner, we danced the night away under cafe lights in the brick courtyard in the back of the plantation. 

Many people in life can’t say that they have had one TRUE love in their lives, but I feel blessed to know I have had two.

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