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Only in Nashville would a professional singer and dancer get married and have a beautiful barn wedding at The Wren’s Nest! This was definitely the case for singer and former American Idol contestant Schyler Dixon + dancer Deavon Walden. The emotional day started off with Schyler forgetting her wedding vows at home, but was quickly pulled together with so many emotional first looks! Schyler with her father and brother (artist Colton Dixon) and Deavon with his mom. Plus the couple did a blindfolded “first prayer” and surprise ceremony entry! All the happy tears were shed before the ceremony even started! The reception could not go on without some song and dance, and let me tell you, before I even read that they did the Dirty Dancing dance, I could tell from Swanky Fine Art Wedding‘s photos! Hear every detail of their glorious day below from bride, Schyler!

Schyler + Deavon

The Wren’s Nest


From the bride, Schylar on the beginning of her wedding day: When I thought about what I wanted on my wedding day, I knew I wanted a rustic chic vibe! From the barn to the great outdoors, my wedding day started off waking up with my best friend. She just looked at me and said, “YOU ARE GETTING MARRIED TODAY!” The feeling was so surreal. We pulled up to the beautiful farm house that was on the same site as our barn venue to get ready! When I arrived all of my bridesmaids were already there ready to greet me. We all started to get ready. First my hair, then onto my makeup! After that, it was finally time to put on my dress. It was a bit of a process and I couldn’t have gotten it on without my amazing bridesmaids and mom! I can honestly say I’ve never felt more beautiful in my entire life. My dress made me feel like a princess… but a princess who was secretly a tomboy, because I did rock my Converse under that ball gown! 

From the bride, Schylar on wedding preparations + their first look: As we all walked downstairs to get ready to go to the barn, it all hit me. I was about to get married to my best friend. And I was also about to see him while he was blindfolded for prayer. The moment I saw him (even thought he was in a blindfold) I lost my breath… was this really happening? It almost felt like we were attending someone else’s wedding because it was that surreal! We prayed then he was off to the barn. I went back inside to grab his ring and my vows (10 minutes before ceremony time) and I realized something. I HAD FORGOTTEN MY VOWS AT HOME! Oh no… panic truly set in. Me and my husband wanted to HAND WRITE our vows because we thought it would be more special. Thankfully I had it all typed out on google docs. Thank the lord for phones and printers! We printed them out then we were off to the barn! 

From the bride, Schylar on their wedding ceremony: As soon as I stepped into that barn. I lost it. Tears immediately filled my eyes with just pure joy. Our ceremony was upstairs in the barn. As I hear our wedding song start to play (Terenrife Sea by Ed Sheeran) I felt the song nearing the end as I walked up those stairs to see my fiancé Deavon stand there with his blindfold off… My heart was pounding out of my chest as his best man started to remove his blindfold and I began to walk down the aisle with my father. He immediately lost it. Happy tears ran down his face and I was doing the same. Our ceremony went of without a hitch. It all went by so fast! 

From the bride Schylar on their portraits + reception dances: Next was our photos! Our photographer, Swanky Fine Art Weddings, made our photos so effortless and fun! She really captured the “moodiness” I wanted in my photos! 

After our photos it was finally time to eat! My favorite part! We picked a gourmet food truck for our catering. All of our guests were getting their food as we took pictures! It was good ole gourmet southern food! I couldn’t have been happier with our food! 

Our wedding favors were our cups! They were glass mason jars with our little mark on it! We didn’t waste much time eating, because it was time for me to go downstairs to change into my first dance outfit. With my husband being a professional dancer and me just loving to dance. Naturally our first dance was the iconic Dirty Dancing dance! We had already learned this dance months back for a Valentine’s Day flash mob! It was perfect and magical, the lift and all! Our bridal party joined in like a flash mob to finish it off! Then we’re the special mother groom and father daughter dances! They were so special and so emotional! It couldn’t have been more perfect! 

From the bride, Schylar on the wedding reception: Then onto the party! It was time to get down and that’s exactly what we did! Before we knew it, it was time for cake! We had a small round cake for Deavon and I and also cupcakes and cake pops for our family and friends! Naturally we both got cake in the face! 

After that it was garter toss time. My husband had choreographed a “special dance” for the garter toss…let’s just say it was a more appropriate version of a Magic Mike dance… Okay enough to where my grandparents didn’t have a heart attack! It was perfect! Then I tossed my flowers to one of my bridesmaids! After that I put my ball gown back on for our last dance! 

The night went by so fast! It was time for our sparkler send off then driving away in a BEAUTIFUL 1920’s car! It was the most magical day of my life. One advice I would have for other brides are take moments of the day to step back in a corner, take a deep breath and take a mental picture/memory. If not, the day will be a blur! But then you will remember it and feel all those emotions like the first time again when you receive your photos and video back! Truly my fairytale wedding.

Stunning! Thank you so much to Sheri of Swanky Fine Art Weddings and Schyler for sharing everything with us! You can find more of Swanky Fine Art Wedding’s work hereand also on Instagram!


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