How To Come Up With Unique Floral Designs with Rachael Ann’s Event Design | Nashville Wedding Florist

If you’re looking for a Nashville wedding florist who specializes in greenery and boho looks, then look no further than Rachael Ann’s Event Design! And better yet, she is here today to share a sneak peek into her design process. Her tips will give you an insider’s look into what you can expect in your floral design process with her. From your initial consultation to your wedding day, Rachael is here to break it all down for us and tell us how to make those bouqs look best come wedding day!

When working with a couple on their wedding vision, what are some initial questions you ask them?

-What is their main color scheme?

-What feel do they want that day? Modern, Rustic, Vintage, etc.

-When they envision their day, how large of a role do the flowers play?

-What is their floral budget? What florals does the budget include?

-Are there any restrictions that the venue has?

What order of decor should come first in the planning process?

Rachael: Venue should absolutely come first for the date. The linens and the dress should come about the same time as that will play a lot into the look of the day. I prefer clients come to me after they have a large majority of things booked that way I know decor, feel, mood, and design going into the initial meeting.

Once you nail down colors and a look, what is the next step in the design process?

Rachael: The next step is to nail down the type of flowers that are important for them to use or not to use. Some flowers are sentimental to the couple or their flowers that they have always dreamed of in an arrangement. After that I will go back and plan out what flowers I want to use for which arrangement and go through each one to help decide if it will work for their budget.

How do you come up with unique designs for every wedding? Do you use any inspirational images from blogs/Pinterest?

Rachael: Many of my clients gather photos from their Pinterest page which is great. I love for my brides to gather as many photos as possible and send everything floral to me for inspiration. I always tell them I never make arrangements just like Pinterest pages but I will go one step further and do something even more beautiful than you could’ve imagined.

When choosing florals/greenery for a bouquet, how do you decide which ones will look best together?

Rachael: Because I have done so many different types of arrangements and have started to specialize in greenery arrangements, I have learned very quickly which arrangements look great together. This goes to show what can all be placed, not necessarily in the same arrangement, but placed together at the wedding in different arrangements. 

Florals need to be ordered ahead of time, but assembled the day before or day of. How do you handle the timing?

Rachael: Again it all comes with practice and patience. It is a lot of work and you have to love it. I tell everyone that this is my true passion because creating great floral arrangements for your client’s big day is a large job and is a process. I have developed a system over the years where I know exactly when to order flowers, when to start them depending how large the job is and when I need to get to the venue.

Do you have any tips or tricks for keeping flowers fresh on the wedding day?

Rachael: Keep them watered!! I cannot stress enough to make sure water stays in them the whole prep time and the whole wedding day. Make sure to keep them as cool as possible while you can. If your wedding takes place at an outdoor venue, then maybe keep centerpieces inside for as long as you can before having to place them on tables.

Is there anything else you’d like to share about the floral design process?

Rachael: Have fun with the process. It is a process and it can be stressful but it is so important to love what you do and always remember why you do what you do. I have never not loved doing flowers for clients and I always will. Clients can tell when you don’t love it and can tell when you do.

Wow – thank you for sharing your expertise with us, Rachael! She is one awesome Nashville wedding florist! You can check out Rachael Ann’s Event Design online and also be sure to follow her over on Instagram for the most recent and gorgeous floral bouquets and displays!


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