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Planning Made Simple: Meet Sarah Lizabeth

As someone who is passionate about serving others, it’s no surprise that this Indiana native created a successful event planning business in Nashville that excels in listening to and simplifying the needs of all clients. Sound like something you’re looking for in a wedding planner? Meet Sarah Lizabeth! With two decades of experience there’s no denying that you’d be in good hands with this industry leader by your side. Keep reading to find out more about Sarah’s business and how she can help make your day a real dream come true!

Planning Made Simple: Meet Sarah Lizabeth on Nashville Bride Guide

Tell us about Sarah Lizabeth + how long you’ve been in business.

Sarah: Sarah Lizabeth has been an events industry leader in Nashville for almost two decades. We are passionate about serving others and providing a client focused event planning experience. Sarah Lizabeth provides full service planning, flowers and decor. Sarah Lizabeth has also created Nashville’s only All-Inclusive Wedding Planning Experience. Everything you need for your wedding such as planning, flowers, decor, catering, bartending, alcohol, transportation, rentals, catering, entertainment, photography, videography and more under one umbrella to save brides the stress of hiring different vendors.

How did you get started in weddings?

Sarah: I had moved from Indiana to Tennessee and wanted to open up an event business here. I feel as though, I have always been passionate at planning events and serving others on an important day of their life. While helping a family member with their wedding in town, a women, who is now a dear friend, walked into the church and saw the set up I was working on. She explained that her daughter was getting married at that church in a few months. I will never forget when she said… “How do I get this?” My response was… “Well…I guess you can hire me!” I had all of $40 in my bank account at the time and spent $20 of that on a business license. In my first year of business I had 3 weddings. I was actually thrilled about that! The next year, I had 85! I was even more thrilled about that.

Planning Made Simple: Meet Sarah Lizabeth on Nashville Bride Guide
Planning Made Simple: Meet Sarah Lizabeth on Nashville Bride Guide

What’s the philosophy behind Sarah Lizabeth?

Sarah: Although so much has changed with the business through the years, one thing has stayed the same. When you become a Sarah Lizabeth client, you become family. When you look back on your wedding day you might not remember all the guests who were there, but you will remember the people who were involved in your perfect day. We are a family here and it is important to build a relationship with our clients so that they trust us. When you can fully trust your vendors, you will be able to enjoy the event planning process. My mission in life and in business is to serve others well. I work tirelessly to ensure each client feels special and important no matter what is going on in my personal and professional life.

What are your strengths compared to others in your category?

Sarah: I believe my strengths are listening to the client and simplifying the process. No event is my event or a Sarah Lizabeth event, it’s all about the client. If they want purple and pink flowers, then they will get purple and pink flowers. I always refer to our business structure and the process of planning a wedding as a well oiled machine. We have several tools in place to ensure that but we also have spent almost two decades building a trusted team of vendors. Just like the clients, our vendors are family too. We trust them to do the right thing. We trust them to take care of our clients. We trust them to care about our clients. There are about 150 people who are involved in a Sarah Lizabeth wedding from start to finish. The client will only see about 10-20 of those people. They matter too and I am so grateful to everyone who is on our team for providing seamless, stress-free, client focused events.

Planning Made Simple: Meet Sarah Lizabeth on Nashville Bride Guide

What attracts couples to Sarah Lizabeth?

Sarah: Couples are attracted to our business because we are a trusted event industry leader. We are also real people who have real lives and love what we do. We are passionate about serving others. Working with a client is a two-way interview process. It is important that both the client and our company agree to work with each other. Those who don’t appreciate the value will fight the process the entire time and not be able to enjoy their wedding day. Those clients who embrace building a relationship with us and trust us to do our job end up with the best day. Our ideal client is one who sees the bigger picture and has perspective in life and their wedding. The bigger picture is that we are planning for your marriage. Yes, we can give you the greatest day ever but more importantly, we are giving you the greatest day ever for the first day of your marriage. The guest won’t remember the napkin colors or if you had hot chicken bites. They will remember the picture of the rest of your life that we paint for them.

What is the most innovative new product, service, style or other aspect of your industry that brides and grooms might appreciate?

Sarah: A few years ago we implemented the All-Inclusive Wedding Planning Experience! This packages includes EVERYTHING you will need for your wedding day to include (but not limited to): planning, flowers, decor, rentals, catering, cake, photo, video, entertainment, photo booth, transportation, invitations and more! As long as your venue allows outside vendors, this is the perfect package for someone who wants to work with one company for all of their wedding vendor needs. It takes the stress completely out of planning a wedding and finding the right team. We have done all of the work for you!

Is there anything else you’d like to share about Sarah Lizabeth?

Sarah: Sarah Lizabeth has spent the last two decades building a quality team to serve our clients. It is our passion and our purpose to provide a service, unlike others in the industry, that is client focused. Yes, our work has been showcased in several popular wedding forums but our focus is not the next big feature. Our focus is the clients and it would be an honor to have an opportunity to serve you in the future.

Between the philosophy and talent behind Sarah Lizabeth, it’s safe to say she is totally (hashtag) event planner goals! For more information about working with Sarah, check out her website and Instagram!


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