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I don’t know about you, but I LOVED taking those quizzes in magazines like Teen Vogue and playing MASH with my friends in middle school. And today we’re bringing it back to the 90s/early 2000s with a wedding quiz just for you! I find that in the world of wedding design, it’s hard to nail down your style for your day… you may find Pinterst overwhelming and not sure where to turn for wedding inspiration. But our friends at Nashville, TN wedding planning company Music City Events have helped us define some characteristics of wedding styles to help you narrow down your wedding look. Take the quiz below and see which style is the most YOU!

1) What type of venue are you most drawn to?

a) Outdoor venue

b) Iconic, historical hotel

c) Industrial space you can make your own

d) Space with a stunning city view

2) What is your wedding dress style?

a) A lacey, romantic effortless dress with a plunging back or neckline

b) A satin A-line ballgown

c) Something edgy that nobody has ever seen before

d) Must have sequins or feathers

3) What type of food will you serve at your wedding?

a) Casual/regional with heavy appetizers

b) A full, 3 course meal with 4-tiered cake

c) Small plates of your favorite dishes (like tiny versions of the food you had on your first date!)

d) A beautiful spread by the hottest new restaurant

4) What will your flowers look like?

a) A whimsical, natural bouquet

b) Large centerpieces and big bouquets

c) Bright and fun 

d) Bold and modern


Mostly As: You are a boho couple! Off-beat elements and wildflowers will garnish your laid-back wedding day. Intimate weddings and relaxed dresses are where it’s at when it comes to boho style.

Mostly Bs: You are a classic couple! You’ll be channeling your inner Audrey Hepburn or Grace Kelly to achieve your wedding design goals. Classic, simple and traditional elements will give your vision a timeless elegance.

Mostly Cs: You are a modern and bold couple! Color, texture, sparkle, you name it, you can make it happen! An industrial space is great for this look and feel. Throw out any wedding traditions and personalize the day to who you are – it’s for the couple who loves to party!

Mostly Ds: You are a glam couple! Add in all of the flair with sparkles, sequins, and feathers. The Great Gatsby is calling! Adding in elements that will completely wow your guests like a floating cake  a grand chandelier, or a spectacular city view is all on the docket for a glamorous wedding day!

I hope this post helped you narrow down your wedding style! And if you need a little more help, Music City Events is here to guide you every step of the way! Contact them today to learn more about their Nashville wedding planning packages. 


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