Honeyfund | Nashville Honeymoon

Today we have a really fun guest post from Wendy of Honeyfund! What is Honeyfund? It's the leading online honeymoon registry website! Yes, you can now ask your guests to donate money towards your honeymoon in lieu of a traditional wedding gift. So how does it all work? Check out Wendy's tips below!

It took a little while to catch on, but as the millennials became of age to marry, the use of honeymoon registries skyrocketed. These new registries are easy to use and best of all they are online. Your guests can browse your registry from their computer or smartphone. 

We are going to explain the overall process of a honeymoon registry and give you a few suggestions on what to do and what not to do with yours.

What is a honeymoon registry?

In the past couples who were getting married would go to their favorite store and sign up for a registry. They would then use a hand-held scanner to scan the items they wanted to receive. If the guests used the program correctly, they would remove the item they purchased from the list. If they do not, you will get more than one of the same item. 

Today’s honeymoon registries are much different. Honeyfund is the number one honeymoon registry in the world. This honeymoon registry is the standard other registries strive for. It is an online site where couples design and create an interesting wedding site. The couple list gifts and events they would like to experience. These can be something like an upgrade for the hotel room, or deep sea fishing in Hawaii. They put their itineray on the site and list options they would like to add.

Honeyfund allows you to design and create a beautiful site. There are many options that allow you to post photographs and update your site. This makes it fun and personal. 

The guests go to the Honeyfund site and select an item or event they would like to pay for as a gift to the couple. They can also send a monetary gift that can be pooled with other financial gifts to pay for a big-ticket item.

It is easy and fast. Guests are not charged anything for using the site. The credit card payments are processed through PayPal so you know that your information is secure.

If the couple would like to have some things from Amazon, or a store like Macy’s, they can create a registry with them and link it to the Honeyfund site.

Do’s and Don’ts

  • Do set up your Honeyfund as quickly as possible.
  • Do share the site with the built-in tools provided.
  • Do have options available in all price ranges.
  • Do send thank you cards.
  • Do take photographs and share them online or via mail with the people that made the events possible. 
  • Don’t spend the money before the honeymoon.
  • Don’t insist that all gifts go through the Honeyfund.
  • Don’t be ungrateful or comment on someone's gift in a negative light.
  • Don’t include your Honeyfund address on your stationery or wedding invitation. 
  • Don’t exclude non-traditional gifts. If you want building supplies to remodel the kitchen list them.

Honeyfund Gift Cards

There are some people who just do not want to bother looking at the items on your list. Your brother or Aunt Martha may think it is just too much trouble. The Honeyfund gift card was made for folks like this. They just want to buy you a gift card for the amount they are going to spend and let you do with it what you will. The gift card option makes gifting as simple as a few clicks.

There will always be people who want to buy a gift, wrap it, and present it to the bride and groom. This is perfectly acceptable. But most people will opt for the easier option. If you find yourself at the airport with 3 electric can openers shoved into your suitcase, roll with it. You can return them when you get home. Your wedding is all about options. Choose to enjoy the little bumps in the road and appreciate the humor in the life you lead. 

Thank you so much for sharing all about Honeyfund with us today, Wendy! You can check out more Honeyfund features here!