Modern Industrial Marathon Music Works Wedding from Chancey Charm | Nashville Real Wedding

Sarah + Bryant’s relationship reached across the seas – from Italy and back again! Their story started when they met abroad in Italy and they turned the page to their next chapter – getting married – right here in Nashville. Ashley Bourque, the Nashville-based wedding planner at Chancey Charm planned and designed their day with personalized touches that included polaroid photos of the couple at every table, a customized laser cut cake topper and the most fun Italian guest favors. Keep scrolling to see their full day!

How did you meet?

Sarah: We are the classic, “swipe right” Tinder fairytale with a bit of a twist; we met on Tinder in Italy. Bryant was stationed in Vicenza for 5 years and I was in a graduate program in Milan. We matched when Bryant was in Milan over a random weekend. Two weekends later, Bryant drove the 2 hours back to Milan just to take me out to dinner (which ended with his car getting broken into).

Tell us your proposal story!

Sarah: We decided to take a long weekend trip to NYC for a combo Valentine’s/ 1st anniversary trip. The day before our one year mark, we spent the day walking around the city, shopping and hanging out with my cousin, Rachel. Right around sunset, we walked towards Central Park (something Bryant had been saying he wanted to do all day). Well, the sun set much quicker than anticipated. Bryant got down on one knee under a Central Park lamp, Rachel snapping away iPhone pictures in the corner, and a large tour group applauding as they walked by. Then the 3 of us went out for champagne and mac & cheese. It was absolutely perfect.

Tell us all about your wedding!

Sarah: We wanted our wedding to be simple but still elegant, modern with a bit of tradition, and overall timeless. For colors, everything very soft and neutral with the strongest accent color being a muted blush/mauve. Being formal is very out of character for us, so we wanted our friends and family to feel like they were able to relax (not relax to the point of sweatpants, of course) and enjoy being with one another because that is what the day is really about. And we chose Marathon Music Works for a few reasons (indoors, everything in one location, use our own vendors), but the main being that it was basically a massive blank slate that we could transform into whatever we wanted. All of the ballrooms felt too formal, the estates/barns all felt like we were trying too hard for the TN vibe, so we loved the idea of having an industrial, empty space to transform into OUR space for the evening.

What was most important to the two of you while planning?

Sarah: The most important thing to us was just getting married and everyone having a good time. We honestly talked about eloping in Italy, but we both wanted this day for our families as much as we did for us (I am the only girl in my family and Bryant comes from a military family). The entire day/weekend felt like a splurge, but we would do it again tomorrow. Every penny of it…

Describe any personalized details that you had in your wedding!

Sarah: All of the tables were named places we had traveled when we were dating. On the tables were Polaroid pictures from our trips to each of the places (including as many pictures of Ayrton as possible because, again, we were giving the people what they wanted). We DIY’ed the seating chart and signage and also filled all those mini limoncello bottles (tying all the tags/mini lemons onto the corks once we filled them).

Do you have any advice for couples planning their weddings now?

Sarah: Hire a wedding planner (more specifically, Ashley Bourque of Silver Celebrations/Chancey Charm). Even if you don’t think you need one, make that where you splurge. We would never have known about all of the vendors that made our day perfect without our wedding planner.

Sending a huge thanks to Chancey Charm and their Nashville based wedding planner Ashley Bourque for sending us another great wedding! You can check out more on Chancey Charm on their website here: And also be sure to follow them over on Instagram!


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