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Modern Cinderella Inspired Styled Shoot by Music City Events

Mixing deep blue hues, silver accents, and a fresh spin on renaissance decor, your favorite childhood tale is coming alive in this modern Cinderella inspired styled shoot by Music City Events. With Noelle Nashville Hotel setting the scene, this team of vendors wanted to showcase how to put on a royal affair by recycling ideas from trends past including iron dome archways, organic floral designs infused with grapes and sculptured busts. Spoiler alert: it’s elegantly flawless! Allow these classic details captured by Sigourney Herrmann Photography to spark your imagination!

Tell us about the shoot vision.

Heather: We wanted a rich and royal feeling event, while bringing it into the realms of trendy and modern styles our couples are falling in love with on Pinterest. We wanted a timeless and old world decor motif that didn’t remind us of our parents elaborate and dated wedding trends. We wanted something a little unique, that no one in Nashville had done at the venue before.

What was the theme and what inspired it?

Heather: Our theme, “A Royal Renaissance,” was inspired by a joke shared with Taylor Guardino, Noelle Hotel Catering Sales Manager, at a recent holiday party. She was wearing a lovely velvet headband that night and I (Heather) claimed that she looked like the cast of the 1998 film, “Ever After: A Cinderella Story,” starring Drew Barrymore… ONLY BETTER… and modern. When we decided to collaborate on a shoot, we adopted that theme as an inside joke.

What details were used to create the theme?

Heather: So, the theme was birthed upon a dated movie, with very dated elements but with styles that are classic and timeless. We wanted to create something for the traditional taste couple, who love classic styles yet don’t want their wedding to look like a dated early 90’s wedding. We wanted to upcycle some trends we have not seen in a while. For example, grapes in the floral arrangements, an iron dome ceremony arbor, statue busts and gold flatware were all elements we felt needed a modern touch, so we brought those in to the inspiration.

Can you share any special moments or highlights of the day?

Heather: The highlight of the day was seeing the dome standing in place at Noelle. It took so much to get it there, but we knew the event would not work without it. Complete with Teri’s beautiful full and wild florals, there it was, standing and beautiful.

Were there any special requests or unique challenges that you had to work together to overcome?

Heather: I have a really bad habit of styling these shoots with decor items that don’t exist in our inventory, or that require way too much work on our end. Lindsy Read fell in love with the vision, and is always our biggest supporter, but she and I both overdid it with getting that dome to the shoot. The iron dome is an original top to a Broadway horse drawn Cinderella Carriage (how perfect right!?). The original owner replaced his carriage top with a lightweight one and gave the iron 14k lb. dome to Jason at Tucker Photography Studio. I’m sure the horses were very grateful.

I divinely happened to pass by on my way to the airport and spotted the dome in the front of their property off Donelson pike. I knew it was exactly what I was looking for, and visited Tucker as soon as I arrived back in Nashville. He told us as long as we could transport it, we could use it! It was very heavy and very large. It took a week of maneuvering it to Noelle from Tucker Photography Studio in Donelson, TN. We took three trips with different vehicles to transport the top of the dome, and had to recruit extra manpower last minute. It was too large to bring up through the service elevator, so we had to unload the dome through the front of Noelle. The Noelle staff was so sweet and supportive despite our unruly appearance. They went above and beyond to get the dome in, and we are so grateful.

I am 9 months pregnant and threw my back out for the first time two days before the shoot. Lindsy had a severe virus that jumbled up her ribcage from all the coughing. We love making things happen, but are also not ignorant to the damage this dome could have pushed on our bodies. Our strong, powerful, able bodied husbands were traveling that weekend, so we all had to get creative about pickup and drop-off times with my husband, Lindsy’s brother and her husband. I still don’t know how we got it there without hurting ourselves, but I know that I would still be laying on that beautiful Saidee Gallery floor had it not been for the husbands, family, friends, valets, bartender and hotel guests who stepped up and took charge of that beautiful Cinderella Carriage dome. Oh…. and it was a little rainy.

Regal and ravishing… what a dream! Huge thanks to Music City Events for sharing this modern Cinderella inspired styled shoot! To see more events by Music City Events visit their website and follow their Instagram!

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