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Meet the New DJs at Meritage Entertainment: Mixing Your Wedding Reception to Perfection

Fact: a good DJ does more than just play songs at your wedding. They are true artists of their craft. This is why we’re so excited for you to meet the new DJs at Meritage Entertainment. These four individuals that are about to be introduced to you provide a uniqueness to the industry while maintaining the modern brand image of Meritage Entertainment. The mixing is out of this world and you and your guests are guaranteed to have a stellar time dancing the night away. Keep on scrolling to find out more about these talented DJs!

We hear there are some new DJs on the Meritage Entertainment Team! We’d love for you to introduce them to us!

James: We are very excited to introduce Kenley Shea, Daniel Green, Bailey Sample, and Jordan Davis.

Do each of these DJs specialize in a specific style?

James: Meritage is a very focused brand. The modern emphasis on expert mixing, music knowledge, and a non-cheesy, polished emcee approach are equally present in each of these DJs. So in terms of skillset and representing our mission, there is consistency. However, each DJ does have a unique background that influences their music choices and wedding approach. Kenley and Jordan both have impressive musician backgrounds. Both are phenomenal singers. Kenley sang in the house band on CMT’s show “The Singing Bee,” performed a duet with Billy Ray Cyrus off his album “Thin Line,” and played in an electro-pop band. Jordan sang in a band called Kingsfoil. The Malcolm in the Middle kid, Frankie Muniz was their drummer. They toured with Goo Goo Dolls, STP, Twenty One Pilots and others. That sort of thing absolutely comes out in their DJ sets. That front person “performer” energy is evident in the melodic way that they mix. Kenley is such a bad ass. She definitely connects with the bride/feminine side of a wedding in a special, sentimental way. But that’s also coupled with this confident personality and INSANE DJ skills. She’s one of a kind. Angelo has an impressive amount of wedding experience. He is originally from Texas and used to DJ weddings full-time there. There’s something to be said about someone that’s hit some wedding milestones in terms of the amount of diverse crowds they’ve performed for. He just has a sense of calm and I think a lot of that comes from instinct. You hear it in his mixing and music selection too. There’s such a variety and it’s so cleverly woven together. He’s at a level where all the little details are very dialed in. Similarly, Daniel Green has an abundance of wedding experience. When it comes to all the behind the scenes details, planning formalities, adjusting to last minute changes, etc. I think Daniel really stands out. He’s very organized and a great communicator. Daniel started with us early Fall and all of his couples have especially loved his personality. He’s very warm and cares about making sure the wedding incorporates everyone. For the couples that want to explore all hits from all genres of music, Daniel ends up being a perfect match. Bailey perfectly represents the modern edge we are bringing to Nashville weddings. It’s in his music selection, clever mashups, personality. He defines what a Meritage DJ is all about. He and Jordan DJ together in a duo group called Support Staff. They come up with lots of insane transitions and mixes. Bailey grew up playing the drums. He was in the drum line for years. There’s a lot of discipline involved in that and he also does some music production. Those influences are in his mixing. He’s dropping the bass out perfectly synced with a new beat coming in…always playing off the rhythms. It’s next level stuff.

Mertiage Entertainment Nashville Wedding DJs
Mertiage Entertainment Nashville Wedding DJs

Tell us all about mixing at a wedding and why it’s important!

James: Mixing is ESSENTIAL at a wedding. This has been one of the key components of our success at Meritage. We are now doing roughly 1,000 weddings a year. This is one of the most important factors. A lot of wedding DJs don’t mix. They just fade from one song to the next. On the most basic level, if people hear a song fading or hear a pocket of silence between dancing, it’s a total buzz kill. That 3 seconds feels like an eternity and they will leave the dance floor…even if the DJ is playing the right music. You have to get people lost in the dancing experience. So on the first level, we make sure one song BEAT mixes to the next so that no one notices the change. On a deeper level, and this is what we get a little nerdy with, a DJ that is an artist will tell a story with the music. This is what we do. The sequence of songs is so important. If you go from AC/DC to Drake it’s going to feel jarring. We are making sure that songs are mixed in key, and that one compliments the next. Sometimes we play with lyrics in a song. We will make certain lyrics in one song talk to lyrics from another song as a call and response kind of thing. It gets the attention of the crowd and makes it an entertaining musical journey. DJs call it “word play.” We also thoroughly understand our music history. And I think this is such a crucial tool to rocking a wedding dance floor because typically, there is an age range. When you transition from 70’s music to Top 40 by taking an original version of a song and jumping to a current hip hop song that sampled that original track, you speak to two generations and bring them together. This is the power of great mixing. It gets the crowd lost in the experience, continuously builds excitement and brings different groups together.

How can you tell the difference between a DJ who mixes compared to one who does not mix songs?

James: The dance floor: the amount of people on it and the level of energy everyone has.

Mertiage Entertainment Nashville Wedding DJs
Mertiage Entertainment Nashville Wedding DJs

What makes Meritage Entertainment unique compared to other DJ companies?

James: Our modern approach, mixing capabilities, non-cheesy communication and consistency in brand across the entire company. We aren’t a wedding company that just offers anyone that’s a “DJ.” We collectively have a specific mission and vision.

Is there anything else you’d like to share about Meritage’s new DJs and mixing?

James: I’d just say that what most people don’t think of until they’re in it is the time and communication leading up to the wedding. We have a full-time office staff and great pro-active system down. The goal is to keep wedding planning stress free. That’s a huge part of what our company offers. We’ve performed at thousands of weddings with exceptional results. Organization leading up to the wedding is essential. We’ve got a system in place to keep all couples on track with all details and we are there along the way when questions arise.

Mertiage Entertainment Nashville Wedding DJs

If you’re ready to pack your dance floor, hit up one of these fantastic new DJs at Meritage Entertainment.

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