Farewell to OZARI

Farewell to OZARI

It is with great sadness that we are saying farewell to OZARI. After years of hosting beautiful weddings and events, the event venue will be transformed into something new! As we reflect on all the pretty weddings we’ve shared in this space, Emily is here to share a bit more about this decision and what’s next for OZARI and its team. Keep on reading to find out more!

English Garden Inspired Wedding at Ozari
English Garden Inspired Wedding at Ozari
Laklin Brooke Photography

We are so sad to hear that Ozari will no longer be an event venue! Tell us the reasoning behind this decision!

Emily: As most people know, Ozari is located inside L + L Marketplace. When the Marketplace was filling the spaces with tenants, each space quickly filled up except one, Ozari. Ozari is the largest space in the market, therefore making it hard to fill as a storefront when the market launched. The owner of the market, Tamay Ozari, decided to turn it into an event space rather than rent it as a storefront. After two years of successful events, Ozari will be closing its doors as an event space. This was a hard decision for the owner and team, but the reality of having such a busy event space inside a marketplace has been more challenging than imagined.

What is next for the space?

Emily: The space will transform into a beautiful storefront in 2023 🙂

How many events and/or weddings has Ozari hosted over the years?

Emily: 100+ events

Ozari Tennessee Wedding Reception
Ozari Tennessee Wedding Reception

What are some of your favorite weddings that happened at Ozari?

Emily: Out of all the dreamy weddings that have taken place at Ozari, one of our favorites was Lauren + Austin’s simplistic wedding. They kept the space raw and elegant but added small touches to the space to showcase their style!

What are some of your favorite styled shoots and/or events that took place in the space?

Emily: There were so many fun styled shoots and events throughout the years, but hosting The Home Edit for one of their shoots was one of our faves!

What is next for the team running events at Ozari?

Emily: The Ozari team will be continuing their presence in the event industry!

Leah Michelle Photo Tennessee wedding photography
Ozari Tennessee Wedding Ceremony
Leah Michelle Photo

We always adored the weddings that took place here! Farewell to an incredible event venue. We will miss you, OZARI!


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