Meet Barseat: Providing Personalized Wedding Craft Cocktails | Nashville Food & Beverage

Finding a great bar service for your Nashville wedding cocktail hour can be hard to come by. It’s a popular question many brides ask! However, Rhonda and her team with Barseat is here to change all of that! BarseatwithRSC is owned and operated by mixologist Rhonda and she is here to concoct unique cocktails specific to your tastes. She’ll take over your cocktail hour with the most fresh and fine ingredients for your guests to sip on. I’ll let her take it from here and tell you more about her amazing skills!

Tell us about Barseat + how long you’ve been in business.

Rhonda: Barseat started in 2015, birthed from friends drinking rum and sharing stories.  We saw a void in the Nashville scene in regards to craft cocktails, mixology, and accessibility.  We strive to make craft cocktails something everyone can enjoy no matter where they may be. 

How did you get started in weddings?

Rhonda: My sister has a very successful floral design company called Curry & Co. She has always been a part of the wedding community here in Nashville and I found a lot of the brides that she worked with had no idea what they wanted in regards to cocktails at their wedding. Decisions about wine, beer and craft cocktails can become daunting if one is not knowledgeable. I started consulting with some these brides and started to bartend at weddings coming up with unique and creative cocktails that truly represent the bride and groom.

What is the philosophy behind Barseat?

Rhonda: We strive to educated people on everything boozy because “When you know better, you drink better.”

What are your strengths compared to other cocktail providers?

Rhonda: We provide custom cocktail menus that represent the bride and the groom utilizing fresh, seasonal ingredients. We also offer custom wine cocktail bars. We utilize wine to make a variety of custom cocktails like mojitos and the traditional Old Fashion. These wine based cocktails are flavorful and just as boozy as your traditional cocktail but allow the bride and groom to have an open bar at a fraction of the cost.

What attracts couples to book with Barseat?

Rhonda: The Barseat couple really can appreciate fine food and drink. Our brides are what you may call “foodies” and along with food they love a great craft cocktail.  You may call them “drinkers”. They are fun, free-spirited and downright fabulous.  We here at Barseat actually LISTEN to our brides. We know their likes and dislikes and go above and beyond to cater to their needs and wants. We can do a custom milk bar if a bride so wants. 

What is the most innovative new service or trend in wedding beverages/cocktails? 

Rhonda: Our new custome wine bar is really popular right now. It gives the bride the ability to offer her guest a variety of cocktails in the setting of an open bar. We are using fresh mixers and seasonal ingredeints to make wine based cocktails that you are familiar with like Mojitos, Old Fashions, Tropical Sangrias, Vodka tonics and other innovative cocktails. We are also utilizing a lot of edible flowers in our spring and summer cocktails. Not only does this make for a beautiful cocktail but it also adds another layer of unexpected flavor. 

Is there anything else you’d like to share with NBG readers?

Rhonda: We are currently offering all of the readers of the Nashville Bride Guide 20% off our signature Wine Cocktail bar for up to 50 guest. This offer expires 5/23/2018. 

Wow – what an AMAZING deal Rhonda is offering to NBG readers! Be sure to contact Barseat today and see how they can help you with your wedding beverages! Also, be sure to follow along on Instagram for the latest info!