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Luxury Wedding Planning: Meet Premier W.E.D.

Meet Premier W.E.D.! Upscale and out-of-the-box ideas are all in a days work for this Nashville luxury wedding planning and design team. Entering their 20th year in service, they strive to take your wedding vision and exceed your expectations through a well crafted details and designs. The owner, Dawn, is here to share more about this amazing company and what you can expect when working with this incredible team. Keep reading to find out more!

Luxury Wedding Planning: Meet Premier W.E.D. featured on Nashville Bride Guide

Tell us about Premier W.E.D. + how long you’ve been in business.

Dawn: Twenty years and counting! Premier W.E.D. opened its doors and was created by its owner, Dawn Schenkel, in 1999. The company focuses primarily on Luxury Wedding Planning and Design. However, it has also produced many events for global corporate companies and also has a strong luxury private event clientele. Dawn, with the assistance of her team, creates and cares for their clients with great detail. Although, it seems as if one woman is behind all of the magic, in fact it’s many people that bring success to each and every client’s event. From the strong relationships Premier W.E.D. has formed with top vendors in the city, to flawless product selection, and a staff that is highly trained directly through Dawn’s internship program, many entities go into turning their client’s fantasies into memorable realities!

Luxury Wedding Planning: Meet Premier W.E.D. featured on Nashville Bride Guide
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How did you get started in weddings?

Katy: Dawn was working full-time for the YMCA’s of Middle TN as a Membership Director over the Franklin, TN YMCA. This job had many facets to it, including supervising and training 23 employees, monitoring the Membership budget for the branch, and also creating Membership events for appreciation but also fund raising. Dawn had to learn how to produce events with very little budgets but high expectations. Raising funds from an event that was enticing for a donor to attend was a must. In this time and meeting new members and current members in the 20,000 member count allowed Dawn to form relationships that eventually entrusted her detailed design mentality, her conservative approach to budgets, and her mastery of logistics to help produce their weddings and corporate functions. It allowed Dawn to start Premier W.E.D. and never look back.

What’s the philosophy behind Premier W.E.D.?

Dawn: Premier W.E.D.’s philosophy is to care for our client’s well while staying humble, patient, and kind. We take pride in the opportunity of planning once in a lifetime events and integrity is always our number one priority.

Luxury Wedding Planning: Meet Premier W.E.D. featured on Nashville Bride Guide

What are your strengths compared to others in your category?

Dawn: Educating the client through the planning process is just as important as meeting their expectations. Our firm is well known for designing and creating but also a smooth production when boots hit the ground. Vendors, clients, guests often speak of the ease in which our events are produced and managed.a guest should never feel a lull in the event they are attending. We offer client’s the undeniable benefit of a team of experts to complete their dreams and try desperately to exceed all expectations. We also learn from our mistakes. No one on is perfect, but striving for perfection is our constant. It’s our goal, it’s our duty. If it’s not perfect, we figure out why and never make the same mistake twice.

What attracts couples to Premier W.E.D.?

Dawn: We love to see couples that are long time loves! Those that have accomplished their individual dreams and are coming to a place in their life where they are able to share it with someone else fully. Couples that are practical, not passive aggressive. Couples that communicate their loves/hates clearly is such a blessing. Most importantly, our favorite couples and other clients, are ones that trust us. It’s is vital to our success and it’s by far the most rewarding in the end. Not just to us as the planner, but to the client as well! They enjoy the process, they enjoy the production and they are ecstatic with the reveal of the work! They know our worth is something sprinkled through out the fun of planning, but by far is felt and worth every penny when the event comes to an end. We don’t sell product we have the great privilege of creating experiences.

Luxury Wedding Planning: Meet Premier W.E.D. featured on Nashville Bride Guide
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Luxury Wedding Planning: Meet Premier W.E.D. featured on Nashville Bride Guide
Luxury Wedding Planning: Meet Premier W.E.D. featured on Nashville Bride Guide

What is the most innovative new product, service, style or other aspect of your industry that brides and grooms might appreciate?

Dawn: Wow, so many new and exciting things are happening in the Nashville Event Industry! We see so many new services and venues that there aren’t simply enough clients to share them with! From vintage bar services, the axe throwing, to aerialists, to catering creations and experiences with food that blow your mind, floral installations that take days, lighting designers who transform the most boring to beyond amazing, linens that have pattern, texture and “branding” for the client, and venues that are over the top with what they offer in experiences for the guests, but also the client! Our consultations with clients suggest some of these amazing vendor partners and ideas so it’s worth the time and money to sit with one of our planners to hear more!

Is there anything else you’d like to share about Premier W.E.D.?

Dawn: As Premier W.E.D. enters into its 20+ year, we thank all of those vendors and clients who have help us succeed. We are honored to have Nashville be our home office and love all of the many locations in the US that we have produced in as well. It allows us to appreciate and experience the event industry across the US and internationally. We love to think outside of the box! Each client is unique and how lucky are we to get to dive into their most precious wants and wishes!? It’s undeniably a hard job, but time has proven it’s our love, our passion, and our privilege while it’s our client’s peace of mind.

Luxury Wedding Planning: Meet Premier W.E.D. featured on Nashville Bride Guide
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The level of service provided by Premier W.E.D. is nothing short of amazing. If you’re looking for a luxury wedding planning and design team that can flawlessly execute your wedding vision, visit their website and follow along on Instagram!


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