Lacey’s Honeymoon at Sandals Jamaica from 2 Travel Anywhere | Nashville Honeymoon

Ok, so you’ve decided you want to go on a tropical honeymoon. But how do you decide where to go? Which resort will give you the best experience? Nashville couple Lacey + Lee were in the same boat and enlisted the help of local Nashville honeymoon agent Carlie Finch of 2 Travel Anywhere. With Carlie’s help, the couple decided to honeymoon at Sandals Royal Caribbean… in an overwater bungalow! If you caught our last post on overwater bungalows, then you know how amazing they are! We interviewed Lacey to learn all about her experience at the Sandals resort!

Tell us all about your honeymoon at Sandals Royal Caribbean!

Lacey: It was amazing! I have been on a lot of vacations and this was by far the best one yet! The staff were all very friendly and they helped meet our every need! We loved that you can take a shuttle to go to the Montego Bay Resort. We also loved that we could ride on a boat to and from our bungalow!

We heard you stayed in an overwater bungalow! What was that like?

Lacey: It was absolutely  beautiful!!! The room was so nice and clean. The furniture was very new. We loved the curved TV and curved sound bar so much we bought one for our house! We loved that we could turn our music up and be as loud as we want! We could order food and drinks anytime and have it delivered right to us! We also had a few bottles in our room as well! The butler set our breakfast up every morning on our balcony! We laid in the bed while we watched him set everything up, it was so cool! The privacy is one of the best things about staying in the overwater bungalow.

Did you go on any excursions?

Lacey: Yes! We did the waterfalls and swimming with the dolphins! The waterfall wasn’t as amazing as I thought it was, but you did a lot of team work because you actually climb up the waterfall. My husband helped a lot of people climb up it. The dolphin excursion was my number one thing to do on my bucket list! I was smiling from ear to ear the entire time! I wanted to take the dolphin home with me! The only thing I would change is that they wouldn’t let you take pictures or photos and to buy the pictures were expensive and we weren’t aware of that. I also was upset because I couldn’t get any videos because they only take pictures. 

Was your experience all-inclusive?

Lacey: Yes! and the best way to go! You literally don’t have to worry about paying for drinks or food at all and you can try anything on the menu! Also, the scuba diving and water sports were all included which is a major plus!! On one scuba trip we got to feed the fish and were surrounded by beautiful different colored fish! 

How was it working with Carlie at 2 Travel Anywhere?

Lacey: She was wonderful! I emailed her with a million questions and she always answered them in a timely manner! She even checked on us when we got to Jamaica to see if everything was ok!

Would you recommend going somewhere tropical for your honeymoon?

Lacey: I recommend going somewhere tropical because I love the weather and beach! The water is so clear you can see so many fish and animals!

Would you stay there again? (We heard you booked it for your anniversary!)

Lacey: Of course!! We went bigger this time and booked the over water villa with the pool! We are hoping our friends will come back with us to experience how great Jamaica was!

Is there anything else you’d like to share about your honeymoon?

Lacey: The butler was exceptional! He literally met our every need and made us feel very special! Every night he decorated our room with something different. He even had cards on our dinner table that were personalized. On our candle lit dinner he brought my husband extra clothes to change in and brought his other clothes back to the room.

Lacey! Thanks so much for sharing all about your experience at Sandals Royal Caribbean! I’m so glad Carlie of 2 Travel Anywhere was able to help you book the perfect honeymoon! You can check out more of Carlie’s FREE honeymoon services here on her site and also follow along with her amazing trips on Instagram!


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