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Kid-Friendly Wedding Entertainment: Meet Tots Aloud

If little ones are on your guest list, chances are you’ll want some kid-friendly wedding entertainment. Luxurious, fun, and aesthetically pleasing, Tots Aloud is a one-of-a-kind mobile service offering soft play party rentals for your big day. Not only will their customized set-ups complement your wedding decor, but this team also makes sure each one is clean and safe too! We love that this small business focuses on the little (yet big) loves of our life and can’t wait for you to learn more about Tots Aloud below!

Tell us about Tots Aloud Soft Play Party Rentals + how long you’ve been in business.

Nicole: I started Tots Aloud Soft Play Party Rentals in January 2020. We are Nashville and Middle Tennessee’s original mobile soft play rentals service! We deliver luxurious and beautifully curated mobile playgrounds and large ball pits to safely entertain children at weddings, birthday parties and events.

How did you get started in weddings?

Nicole: When I was asked to bring my soft play set up to a friend’s wedding I realized it was an instant hit and so I set about curating more neutral white and beige elements to really compliment a wedding and make it a focal point! No whiny bored kids at weddings anymore! Wedding guests who had small children were so grateful that they had somewhere for the smaller children to be contained and kept safe, while they could also relax and enjoy themselves.

What’s the philosophy behind Tots Aloud Soft Play Party Rentals?

Nicole: Delivering fun for tots and peace of mind for parents! Leave the babysitter behind and bring out the babies, because children should be part of life’s celebrations too. Parents need a break, but sadly, there are many occasions where we’ve been invited to parties or events with our small children only to find that we are unable to enjoy the moment because the need to watch their EVERY MOVE. We look for somewhere we can set them down and keep them occupied and safe, which is often away from the main party. Us parents of infants and toddlers are grateful for a space where we could put them down for a few minutes to grab a quick bite to eat or drink or just rest our arms! A bounce house is often a host’s first ‘go-to’ to keep all children entertained, however, usually a lot of older more raucous children are on the bounce houses and for fear of our babies being squished/knocked over and ultimately hurt, we steer clear. When we add all these things up, we weigh up the pros against the cons and decide whether it really would be worth bringing our small children out to certain events and parties which is so sad!

What are your strengths compared to others in your category?

Nicole: Safety, cleanliness, customization and creating beautiful soft play scapes in pastels and neutral tones.

What attracts couples to Tots Aloud Soft Play Party Rentals?

Nicole: Couples who are looking to elevate their child-friendly wedding with a beautiful and functional kids corner! A lot of my business comes through word of mouth from existing clients or where others have attended an event where we set up. I care passionately about helping each client to create a space at their event where they, and other parents can feel happy about bringing out their babies and everyone can relax and have a great time while making more of those picture perfect memories. Doing this work is so much fun and I get to share in the excitement of my clients’ milestone events, whether it’s a wedding, first birthday or baby shower or any other event. I enjoy taking some of the worry and stress away from parents and helping them with additional tips to plan the perfect party, If i ever came into money and I didn’t have bills to pay, I would do this for free all day long, forever!

What is the most innovative new product, service, style or other aspect of your industry that brides and grooms might appreciate?

Nicole: The new product really trending in the Soft Play Rentals industry are the large white ball pits! Our largest ball pit is14ft x 7ft and holds up to 8 adults, it is certainly a lot of fun even for the grown ups and makes for super cute photographs! Ball colors can be customized and we can even provide customized decals to elevate and personalize the ball pit! We also have a VERY cute white slide for additional ball-pit fun!

Is there anything else you’d like to share about Tots Aloud Soft Play Party Rentals?

Nicole: We’ve been very blessed and successful in serving up the soft play fun in the First Birthday & Toddler event arena ! We’re now excited to partner alongside Nashville Couples, Wedding Planners and Vendors to be the leading service provider for luxury and stylish soft play mobile playgrounds for Weddings and other events.

If you’re looking for kid-friendly wedding entertainment, be sure to reach out to Nicole at Tots Aloud!


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