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Joyfully Captured Moments: Meet Ashton Brooke Photography

Looking for a wedding photographer that does more than just take wedding photos? Meet Ashton Brooke Photography! This girl not only has a passion for what she does, but she also knows how to capture moments authentically and tell your story by embracing every moment of the day as if she were a life long friend. She strives to really get to know her couples and will take any extra steps to make your day everything you’ve dreamed of. We know you’re going to love learning more about this Nashville transplant! Enjoy getting to know Ashton in the interview below!

Tell us about Ashton Brooke Photography + how long you’ve been in business.

Ashton: I’m Ashton. Nice to meet ya! I’m a Texas gal that now lives in Nashville, Tennessee. You can usually find me at coffee shop, playing Catan with friends, decorating our cozy apartment, going on walks with my crazy pup, or spending quality time with my amazing husband, Kevin.

Ashton Brooke Photography has been loving on clients and creating heirlooms for generations to come since 2018. People are the driving force behind ABP. I love meeting new faces, learning about their stories, and capturing their beauty. My photography style is joyful, organic, and authentic. I love soaking in what your friends and family say about you, your interactions as a couple, your vows, and the emotions filling the room.

The mission of my business is to allow others to feel seen, known, and beautiful behind the camera while glorifying God in the midst of it. I have a huge passion for capturing small glimpses of people’s biggest moments that can be cherished for years to come. I truly love what I do, and can’t imagine doing anything else. It’s not always easy, but it has definitely been worth it. I can’t wait to keep growing as a photographer and learning how to better serve and love my clients!

How did you get started in weddings?

Ashton: I graduated college in May of 2017, got married, moved to a city far away from home, and began pursing my passion in the wedding industry after planning a wedding of my own. I got started shooting weddings in August of 2017. My sister was my inspiration as she was passionate about family photography and started her own business in 2016. I kept praying about what the Lord wanted me to do after graduation and he opened so many doors to begin a career in photography. I was introduced to a mentor photographer from my church who helped me get started. I invested in tons of education, new gear, workshops, lenses, and software.

For about a year, I second shot for experienced photographers and learned the ins and outs of wedding days. I was continually reminded that small growth is good growth and that any growth times take time. In April of 2018, I photographed my first wedding and the rest is history. My business continued to grow through word of mouth, referrals from Instagram, and lots of hard work. I am so blessed and honored that I get to be a part of couples’ big days, encourage them in their marriage, and provide timeless heirlooms!

What’s the philosophy behind Ashton Brooke Photography?

Ashton: Knowing what kind of photographer I wanted to be all started when I was a bride. You don’t really know the ins and outs of weddings until it’s your turn. And even then you don’t know them as well as your vendors do! And I had some vendors that loved me so well in the details of our best day. One of those people being my photographer, Jennefer Wilson, who took the time to genuinely get to know Kevin and me, and was so quick to serve us on our wedding day! One moment that sticks out to me is when we forgot to bustle my dress during the reception, and in the chaos of her work, Jen took the time to bustle it for me. She did little things like this multiple times throughout the day. Also, our timeline was off, but she calmly weaved in our bridal party portraits at a different time and they were stunning!

I remember seeing her worshipping in the back of our ceremony, fully taking in the holy and sacred moments of a wedding day. She didn’t get caught up in getting that one perfect shot. I want my brides to experience that. As a photographer, my job is not to just take pretty pictures, but rather to tell a story. And how are we supposed to do that well if we aren’t willing to take moments to live in that story? It’s not about us as photographers or other vendors, it’s about the bride and groom and their people. And sometimes that means running for water bottles, fanning the bride between portraits, bustling dresses, and worshipping in the background. I want to be an honorary bridesmaid type photographer that celebrates the bride and groom all day long! My philosophy is to capture stories authentically, to love on the couples God has entrusted to us and to glorify God in the midst of it.

What are your strengths compared to other photographers?

Ashton: I think one thing that makes ABP stand out is client communication. From the first email that a bride sends me, I value them as a person and not just a client. I want to get to know them, who they are, what they are passionate about, their favorite food, how they got engaged, etc. I truly believe that a story can be told through pictures if clients feel comfortable and at ease with their photographer. I also love sending my clients sweet gifts throughout the process to remind them how excited I am for their big day!

What attracts couples to your business?

Ashton: I would say referrals by other “Ashton Brooke Brides” attracts couples to my business! My couples are kind, intentional, encouraging, and joyful! Ashton Brooke couples care more about their marriage than the wedding, they put their guests first, and their love for their friends, family, and vendors shine through. My goal is to develop a relationship with all my couples before the wedding day so that I feel more like a friend rather than a vendor on the big day. I am very thankful for my amazing couples that turn into lifelong friends.

Is there anything else you’d like to share about Ashton Brooke Photography?

Ashton: I believe that ABP’s purpose is to love on the couples that God has entrusted us with, to encourage them in their marriage, and to give them the best wedding photography experience possible!

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When you hire Ashton Brooke Photography, you’re clearly hiring more than a wedding photographer — you’re hiring someone who truly cares about your day and will deliver a gallery that will tell your story beautifully. For more information on Ashton and her services, check out her website and follow along on Instagram!


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