How to Incorporate the Pantone 2021 Colors Into Your Wedding from Amy & I Designs

How to Incorporate the Pantone 2021 Colors Into Your Wedding from Amy & I Designs

I don’t know about y’all, but we always get excited to see what the new color trends are. Earlier this year Pantone announced the 2021 colors as Ultimate Gray and Illuminating (a yellow hue). It’s not often we see a duo as dynamic as this one, making it a great color palette option for your wedding day if you’re a fan of this pair. But what’s the best way to weave these shades into a design? Glad you asked! Amy of Amy & I Designs is here to share how to incorporate the Pantone 2021 colors into your wedding with gorgeous floral designs. See what she recommends in the interview below!

Tell us what the Pantone colors of the year are and what your thoughts are on the colors!

Amy: The Pantone Colors for 2021 are, PANTONE 17-5104 Ultimate Gray + PANTONE 13-0647 Illuminating. We are super excited for these colors! It’s hard to say we have a favorite color scheme when it comes to floral design, but we do love working with colors we don’t normally get a chance to play with. There are so many gorgeous flowers that come in hues of yellow that really bring life to summer and fall weddings.

What are some ways you can incorporate these colors into your table scape?

Amy: Due to the nature of yellow being so bright and a pretty stand out color, we use our yellow blooms as accents and subtle nods to seasonal themes. For a touch of gray, we suggest incorporating succulents and dusty miller to give that dusty gray look. Another great way to highlight the Pantone colors would be your ribbons around bouquets and napkins displayed on reception dinner plates.

How to Incorporate the Pantone 2021 Colors Into Your Wedding from Amy & I Designs

Are there any great ways to incorporate the colors into your florals?

Amy: Of course! If you’re looking for a subtle way to incorporate yellow and gray, we suggest using them as accents. The focus won’t be solely on yellow and gray blooms, but you will still be able to see them in every piece. If you’re looking for a more focal way to incorporate yellow and gray, choose brighter hues and pull those blooms towards the front so all eyes are on them.

What are some other ways the colors can be combined to create beautiful scenery at a wedding?

Amy: If you’re looking to add a variety of gray tones to your floral pieces, one great way to do that is floral spray paint. Spray a few white blooms or even the greenery and add that in with your yellow flowers for a full on Pantone color scheme!

Are there certain shades or tones of the colors that you would recommend using?

Amy: We would suggest trying out different hues and styles to see which one you love the most for your wedding day. You might be surprised which shade you like best! There is always the option to ombre all the tones together for a more modern twist.

What are some other colors that would look great on a color scheme with these two colors?

Amy: With different shades of yellow and gray, comes different styles and complimentary colors. Pair the different tones of yellow with white or blush to give a softer, more summery look, or blend it with oranges and reds to give a warm, fall like feel to your wedding day.

Is there anything else you’d like to share about incorporating the Pantone colors into your wedding?

Amy: Don’t be afraid to leave your color scheme comfort zone and experiment with yellow and gray! There are so many ways you can use these colors that might surprise you and add that little something you’ve been looking for!

Thanks so much to Amy & I Designs for sharing this inspiration!

Are you thinking of incorporating Pantone 2021 colors into your wedding? What color would you love to see for 2022?

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