How to Host the Best Wedding for Out of Town Guests from Reunion Stay | Nashville

Wedding weekends are a THING now! Especially in Nashville where destination weddings account for about 50% of all weddings that take place in our city. And with all of the Nashville transplants (we all say Nashville natives are so rare, they’re like unicorns!), the amount of wedding guests coming into town for the entire weekend is astronomical! So what’s a bride and groom supposed to do with their guests for an entire weekend? Make an event out of it! The perfect place to host a wedding weekend in Nashville is Reunion Stay. It’s a modern luxury mansion venue with guest accommodations and so many amenities that your guests will never want to leave! Today Monica of Reunion Stay is here to give us some great advice and ideas on how you can create the best wedding weekend in Nashville at Reunion Stay – here it is! 

Wedding weekends are a thing now! Tell us why Reunion Stay would be the best option to host a wedding weekend!

Monica: You never have to leave the property. No matter your group… Family with kids? Couples? The amenities that are offered at Reunion Stay are unparalleled. You can conduct all of your wedding events on the same property. Whether it’s a rehearsal dinner, ceremony, reception, or a day after function. AND you have 13 rooms to accommodate guests!

Why would out of town guests appreciate a wedding weekend?

Monica: It’s is not just about the wedding reception! It’s a reunion. You are with your people. Making memories beyond your expectations. Additionally, Reunion Stay has 13 rooms on property-that makes for no car rentals and coordinating transportation.

How would you suggest scheduling a wedding weekend? What day should the wedding take place?

Monica: It just depends on the couple – whatever they want! The size of the guests list will greatly depend on the schedule. Traditionally, weddings take place on Saturday at Reunion Stay. However, there is no right or wrong answer! 

Tell us about the rental policies at Reunion Stay for an entire weekend!

Monica: All that we require is that ALL vendors are licensed and bonded. We have a preferred vendors list, but we welcome new vendors. All rentals must be delivered after the guests have checked in at Reunion Stay and these items must be picked up before they check out.

How many activities vs. how much down time should you provide for your guests during a wedding weekend?

Monica: That is all customized. All of that depends on the couple’s expectations. With that said, so many times our couples & families tell us that they wished they would have booked an additional day at Reunion Stay. A day just to enjoy the property and all it has to offer.

Do you have any more tips you’d like to share on hosting a wedding weekend at Reunion Stay?

Monica: You MUST have a planner!!! Even if you opt for a week of planner, you’ll want to be a guests at your own wedding! Also, pre-assigning the bedrooms is another great tip. It saves so much time & chaos. And lastly, delegate! This is your weekend! You want to enjoy every moment!

Thank you so much for all of the great advice, Monica! You can find out more on how to host a wedding weekend in Nashville here on the Reunion Stay website. And also be sure to follow along with the latest on Instagram


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