Fall Home Decor from AR Workshop Mt. Juliet

How to Decorate Your Home for Fall from AR Workshop Mt. Juliet

Tis the season to deck out your living space with autumnal colors, all things pumpkin, and creative seasonal touches. It can be overwhelming to know where to begin or how to properly design an area for this time of year, but we’ve got someone here to help. Haley of AR Workshop Mt. Juliet, is here to share how to decorate your home for fall along with pieces for that are sure to give you a look you’ll love.

We love all of the projects at AR Workshop Mt. Juliet! What are some of your favorites for fall?

Haley: Fall is such a fun and festive time of year! This is certainly our busy time at the workshop because everyone wants to decorate their homes for the new season. I love our porch signs and door hangers that are fun yet sophisticated for any home!

What are some fun ways to decorate your porch for fall?

Haley: We do “porch makeovers” where you get to make a porch sign, door mat, and door hanger! Just with these 3 items you can totally transform your look for fall! We can of course make these things for you if you don’t want to do the workshop yourself and we can still customize specific colors and names to fit you!

Do you have any recommendations on decorating your mantle or fireplace for fall?

Haley: Oohh I love a fall mantle! A simple wood block or leaf garland is beautiful displayed on a mantle with a small fall sign like our “autumn leaves and pumpkins please” design and a little pumpkin! You can always add some fall greenery/foliage but sometimes simple is perfect!

Do you have specific Halloween decor items?

Haley: We have TONS of Halloween items. Holidays/new seasons are our love language at ARW Mt. Juliet so if you like the spooky look over fallidays then we have some really fun options!

Do you have specific Thanksgiving decor items?

Haley: We have lots of different projects that can have any of our holiday designs on them! However one popular project we bring out for fall and Thanksgiving is our Chunky Knit Pumpkins! They are SO cute, easy to make and fun decor to add around your home or Thanksgiving table.

What are some specific workshops you have planned for fall that NBG readers can sign up for?

Haley: Our fall themed Charcuterie + Mixology workshops are always a hit! If you really want to get in the fall spirit, we have Chunky Knit Pumpkins coming up on 9/24! Then any of our open/pick any project workshops are great to make any of our projects with any of our designs – fall + holidays included!

Do you have any other tips on decorating for fall?

Haley: We say do what you love! So many times in the workshop guests immediately are drawn to a style or specific color but then start rethinking it if it’s different than what we have displayed or from what their friends are doing. We say go with what you know! You know what colors, styles and designs make you happy so whatever you love and will be excited to come home every day and see on your new project is exactly what you should do!

Thank you Haley for sharing this inspiration with us. If you’re looking for more fall decor ideas or have more questions on how to decorate your home for fall, you have to pay a visit to the team at AR Workshop Mt. Juliet!


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