How to Choose a Wedding Photographer - Billie Shaye Style

How to Choose a Wedding Photographer – Billie Shaye Style

Wedding photographers hold a super special skill. Not only are they capturing your day from beginning to end, but their work is seen far beyond your wedding. Your wedding photos are something you’ll continuously look back on and there would be nothing worse than having moments missed being captured or details not shown in your gallery. With various styles, price ranges, and personalities, Billie-Shaye of Billie-Shaye Style Photography is advising us on how to choose a wedding photographer. See what all she has to say in the interview below!

How to know if your photographer is the right fit, featured on Nashville Bride Guide

How can you tell from a photographer’s photos if they would photograph your wedding well?

Billie-Shaye: You have to like that particular photographers “style” of photography. Their style includes the posing, editing (the color/light in the photo), as well as there wording on social media. If you are hopelessly in love with poetry and that photographer is always sharing quotes from poetry on their social media with wedding images then you are likely going to be drawn to their style. If some of your favorite colors are neutrals/pastels you are likely going to be drawn to a light and airy photographer over a dark and moody photographer.

How does a photographer’s website and social media presence play a role in how well they would work with you?

Billie-Shaye: In todays world I feel like you should never base a working relationship off a website or social media. Anyone can be anything online. I highly recommend everyone do a face to face meeting or at least a FaceTime meeting so that you can see the real person. I love my website and social media, but I also love the old school way of meeting one on one, it feels more real!

What should couples look for in a photographer?

Billie-Shaye: My favorite compliment that any couple has every given me was saying that working with me felt like home they felt as though I was like part of the family and the feeling was mutual. The number one thing I look for in my couples is to make sure that we all feel comfortable while visiting before even considering how we would feel working together. 

Should couples ask photographers for testimonials and full wedding galleries before hiring them?

Billie-Shaye: Absolutely they should ask for full galleries. I try to keep no less than two active wedding galleries online at all times. I like to share both an indoor wedding and outdoor wedding with all of my clients. Testimonials.. I have those all over my website so people can see them whenever they visit.

Does price play a huge factor in deciding if your photographer is the right fit?

Billie-Shaye: I wish I could say to you that it does not, but I know that a budget is a big thing for all brides. Ideally, there are ways to get the photographer of your dreams, (payments plans, adjusting budgets in other areas of the wedding, etc.) however not everyone, photographer and/or couple would be willing to work with that. I feel like it also depends on how badly the photographer and/or couple want to work together. something new I started offering this year was payment plans, and I have seen a huge difference in my bookings as well as getting more ideal brides since they can take their time paying for their packages.

Every couple is different and likes different things, so it’s super important to do some research on how to choose a wedding photographer. And if you follow these tips, you’ll be able to confidently make a decision! Thanks so much to Billie-Shaye for sharing some insight on this topic with us! For any brides who are looking for a talented wedding photographer, check out Billie-Shaye Style Photography!


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