From Casual to Formal, What is Your Rehearsal Dinner Style?

While it may not be the actual wedding, a rehearsal dinner very much kicks off your exciting celebration! Choosing the aesthetic and helping couples achieve what they’re looking for is exactly what the team at Mere Bulles offers. As one of our favorite local rehearsal dinner spaces, Mere Bulles can provide you and your guests with an experience that’s quaint and casual, or extravagant and formal. So, what is your rehearsal dinner style? If you’re unsure, today’s post is definitely going to help! Jen is here to help break down recent trends that may inspire your very own pre-wedding gathering. Keep reading to see what she has to say!

What is your Rehearsal Dinner Style from Mere Bulles | Nashville Bride Guide
What is your Rehearsal Dinner Style from Mere Bulles | Nashville Bride Guide

We love the many options Mere Bulles has to offer for rehearsal dinners. Tell us more on how couples can turn their rehearsal dinner into a casual affair.

Jen: The day of wedding rules are behind us and we have a lot of couples opting for Rehearsal Lunches instead! It is a more casual option and allows for a super relaxed atmosphere!

How have you seen formal rehearsal dinners done at Mere Bulles?

Jen: Formal rehearsal dinners are super fun, too! It really depends on what the bride and groom are looking for. Some couples have implemented a dress code for their guests and gone above and beyond in their table decorations to make it feel more formal.

What is your Rehearsal Dinner Style from Mere Bulles | Nashville Bride Guide

What is the most popular formality for rehearsal dinners as of late? More causal or more formal?

Jen: Our space is so unique, its a big mansion that allows couples to decide what rooms are perfect for them. The mansion is decorated with light and bright colors but still has a strong nod to traditional southern charm making it easy to dress up or down for whatever the bride’s vision!

What elements can couples bring in to a rehearsal dinner to make it more casual?

Jen: Let your rehearsal dinner be light! Leave the seating chart behind, let guests sit where they want and mingle. I love a good photo booth, too! Choosing bright colors will always make it feel more casual than some darker hues and making sure the bride and groom are having a good time will set the tone for the rest of the dinner. A little champagne never hurts either!

What is your Rehearsal Dinner Style from Mere Bulles | Nashville Bride Guide

What elements can a couple bring into a rehearsal dinner to make it more formal?

Jen: We do offer center piece options but couples wanting a more formal feel often go for bringing in their own flower displays – which are always gorgeous! A beautifully done and displayed seating chart with place cards for guests and party favors with a small cake on a gorgeous cake table also set the mood for formal!

Is there anything else you’d like to share?

Jen: The thing that I like most about our options for rehearsal dinners is being able to choose what space works best for you. Do you want everyone in one room? Great, we can probably do that depending on your guest size! Are you wanting one area for cocktails and one for dinner? Absolutely, let’s have 2 areas! Do you need the whole mansion so you can have a DJ and ALL of your loved ones with you? We can do that, too! My favorite rooms, personally, are the Sunroom and the Living Room combination but the Indoor Patio is close behind – finding out what your favorite room is and making your event happen there is what we love to do!

What is your Rehearsal Dinner Style from Mere Bulles | Nashville Bride Guide

This was very helpful, Jen! Thanks for sharing! If you’re a Nashville couple looking for a great rehearsal dinner space, we highly suggest checking out Mere Bulles.

Now that you’ve read a little bit more about the different options, we what to know! What is your rehearsal dinner style?!


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