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Craft Projects for Foodies from AR Workshop Mt. Juliet

Perhaps you enjoy hosting guests with a well-plated charcuterie board or creating a fun cocktail for friends. Or maybe you just love being in the kitchen cooking up a cozy meal to serve yourself or your loved ones. Regardless of which scenario applies to you, if you’ve dubbed yourself a “foodie” you’re going to find these craft projects for foodies from AR Workshop Mt. Juliet pretty darn cool. Haley is here today to share more about the experiences that any self-proclaimed cuisine connoisseur will enjoy. Keep on reading to find out the details!

Craft Projects for Foodies from AR Workshop Mt. Juliet

Tell us why AR Workshop is great for foodies!

Haley: We love a good foodie joining us at ARW Mt. Juliet for a few reasons! For one, we are BYO so you are welcome to bring in any foods/snacks and drinks you’d like to enjoy while you craft. Second, we have some fun DIY projects that are perfect for the foodie and serving! Our trays, pedestal trays, and round projects are perfect for anyone who loves to serve or display their foodie creations in their homes!

What are some of your most popular projects for foodies?

Haley: We have all different kinds/sizes of trays that are perfect for the foodie. While we always recommend to still use some parchment paper or something similar before laying out your yummy items, you can still see your handmade, customized item below!

Craft Projects for Foodies from AR Workshop Mt. Juliet
Craft Projects for Foodies from AR Workshop Mt. Juliet

What are some unexpected projects that foodies would think are fun to create?

Haley: While it is probably in our top 3 most popular projects at the workshop, some might be surprised that the good ole’, tried and true LAZY SUSAN is still a thing and super popular – even in 2022! Our round projects can be made into a tray, pedestal or lazy susan. All of which are perfect for the kitchen.

Are there any experiences at AR Workshop Mt. Juliet that foodies would enjoy (cocktail class, etc.)?

Haley: Our regular DIY open workshops are always the perfect time to make one of our many kitchen/serving projects but we love to really cater to our foodies with our specialty workshops like mixology and charcuterie art! In our mixology class, we partner with a knowledgeable mixologist and she teaches the class how to make 3 specialty drinks (alcoholic or not!) while also getting to make a DIY project. In the charcuterie workshop, we do a project as well as learn to build a beautiful charcuterie board and how to pair the best cheeses, meats and fruit that will really wow your own crowd! Lastly, we also do cookie decorating classes that are perfect for all ages!

Are there specific designs you recommend foodies paint onto their projects?

Haley: The great thing about our many designs and stencils is that everyone can put something on their project that speaks to them! Whether it be a family name, food pun or abstract design we have it all to put on your foodie project!

Craft Projects for Foodies from AR Workshop Mt. Juliet
Craft Projects for Foodies from AR Workshop Mt. Juliet

For more information on the craft projects for foodies, be sure to head to AR Workshop Mt. Juliet‘s website for any upcoming events.


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