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CC Vacations Is Ready to Make Your Destination Wedding & Honeymoon Happen!

If you have a dream destination wedding or a romantic honeymoon on the horizon, you need to meet CC Vacations! Since 2019, owner Carol has set out to make the overwhelming planning process easy with her passion-built business venture. She advocates for what couples want, while providing her expertise to result in the perfect excursion! Keep on scrolling to get to know more about her and CC Vacations below!

Tell us about CC Vacations + how long you’ve been in business.

Carol: Hi there! I’m Carol Carrillo owner and a Destination Wedding & Honeymoon travel planner of CC Vacations LLC. I started this business in 2019 and started to specialize in Honeymoon Travel Planning. Last year, I enhanced and expanded my skills and became a graduate of Destination Weddings University to become a Destination Wedding Expert. I also have been planning honeymoons to anywhere tropical & warm all over the world! Most of my clients choose the Caribbeans, Hawaii, Costa Rica, or Mexico and I am also working to send more clients to Maldives, South Pacific over water bungalows and Asia! Born & raised in the Philippines surrounded with some of the most beautiful beaches, my love for tropical vacations started since birth.

How did you get started in weddings?

Carol: I started with weddings after enrolling at Destination Wedding University. My mentor, Will Medina, has a passion to help romance travel agents grow their destination wedding portfolio. After I graduated, I focused my knowledge and skills learning and dealing with destination wedding from attending Destination Weddings Fam Trips, organizing my first destination wedding in Cancun, and learning about each Destination Wedding requirements, resorts and venues. My honeymoon business also grew over the year, helping couples plan their tropical honeymoon and sending them to most romantic getaway complete with a fully planned itinerary.

What’s the philosophy behind CC Vacations?

Carol: Creating relationships with clients with integrity & respect.

What are your strengths compared to others in your category?

Carol: I deal with my clients in a very professional manner, and I am passionate in helping them. I am their advocate in every step of the way, and my clients never had a complaint of missing a response nor waiting a response from me. All communication is dealt with and I bring value to the table. My clients does not spend scouting 48 hrs a week looking for answers, as they have me answering every question they have. I deal with vendors & resorts directly and will make their destination wedding or honeymoon planning a breeze and organized. I stay on top of things and notice every details that needed to be addressed.

What attracts couples to CC Vacations?

Carol: My couples are busy individuals, they don’t have time to search and look for answers in the internet. They trust my value and expertise, and they know what they get when they choose to hire me.

What is the most innovative new product, service, style or other aspect of your industry that brides and grooms might appreciate?

Carol: More & more couple opt to spend more on their honeymoon or do a destination wedding .

Is there anything else you’d like to share about CC Vacations?

Carol: I would love to help future couples plan a destination wedding in Mexico or the Caribbeans or their honeymoon to any tropical destination in the world. I offer free virtual travel consultation where we collaborate together and see if we are a great fit!

Thank you so much for sharing Carol! Your passion truly shows!

Couples, be sure to reach out to CC Vacations for your travel needs!!


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