Best of Nashville Bride Guide 2020: Weddings

Wow – over the course of the year, we featured so many incredible weddings! So here are our Best 2020 Weddings! This year we had to get a bit creative – so we have some beautiful backyard weddings and small-scale affairs. It was so hard to narrow down all of these beautiful weddings to just 10, so we chose 3 bonus weddings which we had the honor of featuring. A Wish Upon a Wedding and two celebrity weddings! See all of these beautiful days below!












Thank you for a wonderful 2020! We know it was a wild one, but we are thankful for each and every one of you who contributed to Nashville Bride Guide to make it what it is today! We love being a resource for couples planning their Nashville weddings! Happy New Year!


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Wedding Planning & DesignInfinity HospitalityWEBSITE
Calligraphy & StationeryDear Addie Fine StationeryWEBSITE
Floral DesignLMA DesignsWEBSITE
Cakes & DessertsNashville SweetsWEBSITE
Wedding PhotographerSara Bill PhotographyWEBSITE
Food & BeverageMartin’s BBQWEBSITE
Wedding Dresses & Bridal FashionASOSWEBSITE
Wedding Accessories & JewelryCrown and GloryWEBSITE
Cakes & DessertsPublixWEBSITE
Wedding BeautyBeauty by K2WEBSITE
Wedding PhotographerDetails NashvilleWEBSITE
Musicians & DJsDan BuckleyWEBSITE
Wedding Dresses & Bridal FashionEssence of Australia
Wedding VenueReunion StayWEBSITE
Wedding Accessories & JewelryChristian LouboutinWEBSITE
Food & BeverageLuxe LibationsWEBSITE
Wedding Planning & DesignPLS CoordinateWEBSITE
Guest AccommodationsMaxwell SepticWEBSITE
Wedding Planning & DesignNinth & EverettWEBSITE
Wedding PhotographerVictoria BonviciniWEBSITE
Wedding VideographerLight Cannon FilmsWEBSITE
Wedding Venue14TENNWEBSITE
Food & BeverageBeyond DetailsWEBSITE
Calligraphy & StationeryMintedWEBSITE
Wedding Dresses & Bridal FashionOlia ZavozinaWEBSITE
Rentals & DecorEventworksWEBSITE
Lighting & DrapingTN Event DesignsWEBSITE
Rentals & DecorYellow PopWEBSITE
Food & BeverageShake Shack
Guest AccommodationsThe 121 HotelWEBSITE
Wedding Planning & DesignPremier W.E.D.WEBSITE
Wedding PhotographerBrasspenny PhotographyWEBSITE
Wedding Dresses & Bridal FashionAdorn BridalWEBSITE
Musicians & DJsViva La StringsWEBSITE
Food & BeverageChef’s MarketWEBSITE
Rentals & DecorBBJ La TavolaWEBSITE
Wedding PhotographerAndrew Allen MortonWEBSITE
Wedding Planning & DesignWish Upon a WeddingWEBSITE
Wedding Planning & DesignLaurie D’Anne EventsWEBSITE
Wedding PhotographerNyk & CaliWEBSITE
Wedding VideographerDylanBass Video
Cakes & DessertsThe Sweetest DayWEBSITE
Rentals & DecorNuage DesignsWEBSITE
Lighting & DrapingQuest EventsWEBSITE
Wedding BeautyOne10 BeautyWEBSITE
Guest AccommodationsGermantown InnWEBSITE
Wedding Dresses & Bridal FashionBHLDNWEBSITE
Floral DesignLMA DesignsWEBSITE
Wedding VideographerLittle Josh ProductionsWEBSITE
Wedding Planning & DesignBruce PittmanWEBSITE
Cakes & DessertsDulce DessertsWEBSITE
Calligraphy & StationeryMomental DesignsWEBSITE
Rentals & DecorOver the TopWEBSITE
Wedding Dresses & Bridal FashionPanache Bridal Beverly HillsWEBSITE
Wedding Dresses & Bridal FashionChristian LouboutinWEBSITE
Wedding Accessories & JewelryGenesis DiamondsWEBSITE
Wedding BeautyOne10 BeautyWEBSITE
Wedding Dresses & Bridal FashionThe Dessy GroupWEBSITE
Wedding Planning & DesignKasey SchafferWEBSITE
Wedding BeautyAmanda GrosWEBSITE
Wedding VideographerPeerless WeddingsWEBSITE
Food & BeverageFlavor CateringWEBSITE
Cakes & DessertsThe Donut + DogWEBSITE
Wedding VenueAlbaster Collective
Wedding Planning & DesignPosh OccasionsWEBSITE
Wedding PhotographerCannon WeddingsWEBSITE
Wedding VenueThe CordelleWEBSITE
Mobile BarAperitifWEBSITE
Wedding PhotographerAbby Lynn PhotographyWEBSITE
Wedding Planning & DesignJayde J. Smith EventsWEBSITE
Musicians & DJsEntertain!WEBSITE