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Benefits of Premarital Counseling Sessions…and How Living Ceremonies Can Help

The foundation of a strong relationship is consistently nurturing and understanding the needs of your partner. These five benefits of premarital counseling sessions not only help maintain a stable relationship, but help you and your significant other grow together as a team. Not all officiants may offer this service, but Benita of Living Ceremonies sees the value in doing so. She is sharing everything you need to know about the premarital counseling sessions they offer and the importance. If you’re ready to start your marriage off strong, take a scroll through her interview to find out more!

5 Benefits of Premarital Counseling Sessions

Congratulations on your engagement!  Planning a wedding is an exciting time for you and your partner.  It is also a time that you both can get to know each other on a deeper level.  That’s where premarital sessions and help. 

You may feel your relationship is in good shape, that you don’t have any major issues or concerns especially if you have been together for a long time, therefore you don’t need premarital sessions.  But all relationships change over time and issues come up that you didn’t see while dating and premarital sessions can bring up topics and questions that you may not have seen or considered.  Let’s talk about the 5 benefits of premarital counseling sessions.

Opportunity to Address Differences and Uncomfortable Topics 

Now is the time to talk through any concerns that have come up in your relationship.  You may have felt uncomfortable talking about some things in the past but premarital sessions are the perfect place to discuss feelings, fears and insecurities in your relationship.  It’s a safe place to speak your mind and set boundaries even if it makes your partner feel uncomfortable.  Your differences are one of the things that have brought you together but if not recognized and seen as a benefit they could be a source of agitation.  Premarital sessions can assist you in using your differences to benefit your relationship. 

Improve Communication Skills

Couples have different communications styles or what some have called “love languages.”  It is the most important thing you can develop in your relationship.  Premarital sessions will assist you in identifying your communication style and that of your partner.  Good communication calls for direct, clear, tactful and honest talking as well as listening that is active, open, respectful and attentive.  

Conflict Management and Problem Solving

Conflict is a natural aspect of every relationship and eventually every couple will deal with some level of conflict.  We all have flaws and there is no hiding them, at times you will annoy each other and get on each other’s last nerve.  Without healthy conflict management and tools to manage your emotions, your relationship may suffer unnecessarily.  In our premarital sessions you will be taught how to have a fair fight for change.

Nurture Intimacy

The biggest benefit of premarital sessions is that it will strengthen your relationship and help you learn more about your partner and what they need to feel loved.  Taking the time to get to know your partner on a deeper level provides a solid foundation for your marriage. 

Premarital Counseling Sessions Provide an Outside Perspective

When people are in love, they tend to see only the wonderful things about their partner.  As an outside observer we will be able to look at your relationship objectively and offer our best advice, wisdom and support.   

Premarital sessions are a great investment for the future of your marriage.  They can help couples clearly understand and explore some of the challenges they may face and provide valuable tools to help couples stay emotionally connected. 

Most couples think they can start premarital counseling 2-3 weeks before the wedding but that is not a sufficient amount of time.   Premarital counseling sessions need to begin at least 6 months from the wedding date.  This gives you time to work through any issues that may arise.

Premarital Counseling Sessions by Living Ceremonies

Not all wedding officiants do premarital counseling but at Living Ceremonies we offer premarital sessions as a part of our wedding package.  Couples take the SYMBIS pre-marriage assessment where we discuss the results of the assessment and any risk factors, strengths and weaknesses.  

Interested in having Living Ceremonies officiant your wedding and help with your premarital counseling sessions, click here to get in touch!

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