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A Wedding Day That Quite Literally “Walks on Water”

No one can walk on water! Except when it’s for your wedding day! Anything is possible on your wedding day and 2 Travel Anywhere can make that part of your wedding day a dream a reality. It may feel like some tasks for your wedding day are “walk-on-water” scenarios or a “when pigs fly” idea but The Sandals Resort actually does have an option for your to walk on water with their Over The Water Wedding Chapels! See more info about these special chapels that 2 Travel Anywhere can assist with below!

We love an over water wedding chapel! Tell us more about them!

The Sandals Resorts offer a unique and breathtaking venue for weddings with their Over-The-Water Wedding Chapels. These chapels provide an intimate setting where couples can exchange vows while surrounded by the stunning turquoise waters of the Caribbean. The chapels feature glass floor aisles, offering a view of the ocean beneath, and boast 360-degree panoramic water views, creating an unforgettable experience for the wedding ceremony. The Over-The-Water Chapels are available at select Sandals Resorts, including locations in Jamaica and St. Lucia. They are designed with an open-air ambiance and can be customized with various décor options to suit the couple’s preferences. The chapels also include a river stone altar and can accommodate a number of guests depending on the specific resort’s chapel size. For those interested in booking an Over-The-Water Chapel for their wedding, it’s recommended to contact a Sandals wedding planner for more details and to ensure the most up-to-date information regarding availability and pricing

Which Sandals destinations have an over water wedding chapel?

Jamaica, St Lucia and a few more new chapels coming soon.. St Vincent and more.. Ask Carlie with 2 Travel Anywhere for more information on this.

How many guests can fit in an over water wedding chapel?

Each location is slightly different in size it is best to reach out to Carlie with 2 Travel Anywhere for your wedding party size to see which option is best for the 2 of you. Perfect for just 2 or invite your closest friends and family

What type of couple would book an over water wedding chapel?

An Over-The-Water Chapel at Sandals Resorts is a dream venue for couples who: Value uniqueness and exclusivity: These chapels offer a one-of-a-kind experience that’s not commonly found in traditional wedding venues. Love the ocean: Couples who have an affinity for the water and want to incorporate the beauty of the Caribbean into their special day would find this setting ideal. Seek a picturesque backdrop: The panoramic views and the glass floor aisle provide stunning visuals for the ceremony and photographs. Desire an intimate yet spectacular setting: The chapels provide a private space that’s both intimate for guests and grand in its scenic impact. Appreciate convenience: Booking a wedding at a resort means having all the amenities and services in one place, which can simplify planning and logistics. Couples who choose an Over-The-Water Chapel are often looking for a memorable and distinctive wedding that combines the romance of a tropical destination with the elegance of a formal ceremony.

Is there an additional cost to get married at an over water wedding chapel?

Yes, there is an additional fee for getting married in the Over-The-Water Wedding Chapels at Sandals Resorts. The cost for booking one of these unique venues is $750. This fee includes the picturesque chapel set against the backdrop of the Caribbean Sea, complete with a glass floor aisle and open-air ambiance. It’s important to note that prices may change over time, so it’s recommended to confirm with a Sandals wedding planner for the most current pricing

Is there anything else you’d like to share about over water wedding chapels?

Booking an Over-The-Water Chapel at Sandals Resorts with 2 Travel Anywhere from The Sand Lady offers several benefits:

Expertise: As a member of the Sandals Chairman’s Royal Club, 2 Travel Anywhere team has demonstrated a high level of knowledge and expertise about Sandals and Beaches resorts. Exclusive Deals: Travelers who book through a Chairman’s Royal Club member have access to the most advantageous deals and up-to-date information on the resort properties. Personalized Service: The Sand Lady is committed to providing excellent customer service, ensuring that vacations are memorable and perfectly tailored to the client’s needs.

Recognition: The agency has been recognized multiple times for its outstanding sales achievement in destination weddings, highlighting its proficiency in planning and executing exceptional wedding experiences. Additional Perks: Clients may benefit from loyalty programs and special offers, such as complimentary rooms and private events when booking group travel34. Choosing The Sand Lady for your Sandals wedding can enhance your experience with their personalized touch and deep understanding of the resorts’ wedding offerings.

Not only are these Over The Water Wedding Chapels a different and fun way to have your ceremony, I’m thinking this would be a great anniversary and/or renewal of vows option! Thank you so much Carlie with 2 Travel Anywhere for sharing this amazing opportunity!

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