10 Pros and Cons of Having a Backyard Wedding

Today we have a fabulous guest post from our friends at Modern Gents! They are the pros when it comes to wedding bands, jewelry and engagement rings online. Which means they know a thing or two about weddings. So today we’ve invited them to speak about the topic of the pros and cons of having a backyard wedding! Take it away, Modern Gents!

Backyard wedding
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Backyards were taken off the back burner this year. From patio poultry in California to office sheds in Texas to landscaping makeovers in Connecticut, backyards were reconfigured as work spaces and leisure destinations. It only seems natural that the uptick in backyard renovation would have a meet-cute with the small wedding trend and end up tying the knot in a backyard wedding. Some couples relished the opportunity to take home court advantage, while others discovered exactly why traditional wedding venues make so much sense. Before you commit to doing your first dance on the diving board of Great-Aunt Mildred’s pool, here are some pros and cons for backyard weddings. 

Pro: Save on Cost

The prices can range depending on what additional services and supplies are included, but the wedding venue can sometimes account for almost half the wedding budget. Mow the yard and trim the budget at the same time. You understand why you would leave the crafting of wedding ring sets to the professionals, but a level stretch of ground is something you feel comfortable providing.

Con: Search for Space

Your grandparents’ lakehouse always seemed like it had plenty of room for your whole family. But when you combine your whole family and your partner’s whole family, it gets a bit crowded, especially since the lake finally got some rain this year. Dedicated wedding venues can accommodate gatherings of all sizes. If you want an intimate outdoor space, they have a charming garden area with a couple of tasteful fountains. If you want a ballroom or a circus tent, those are options, too. For them, adding more space at the last minute might only involve opening some sliding doors. Accommodating late additions to a backyard wedding might require ripping out some shrubs. Oh, and did we mention that traditional wedding venues often have traditional parking lots?

Pro: Use What You Have

This is your family home. You’ve had countless graduation parties and birthday barbecues here. You’ve already got folding chairs and you have a mental map of all the electrical outlets. You know when the flowers bloom and you’ve been practicing taking pictures in front of the fireplace since you were seven. You know that there are a lot of creative ways to dress it up for your wedding. 

Vintage Backyard Wedding
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Con: Need Special Equipment

But this wedding is on another level than grilling out for your dad’s retirement party. The PA system blew a fuse during the best man’s speech, and the roots of that oak tree are compromising the safety of the dance floor. Your new father-in-law keeps on leaving the party to get more ice. If you plan on having the wedding ceremony in a more traditional sacred space or if there are still guests staying in a block at a hotel (both places that might have an affordable reception option), then you aren’t necessarily removing logistical hurdles by keeping the reception in-house. 

Pro: Exercise More Control

Is this your own home and you wanted an accent wall anyway? Reshape your wedding venue however you please. If you are renting a venue, on the other hand, you can’t just remove an unsightly chandelier. 

Con: Ask Others for Permission

You might be able to tinker with a backyard more than a regular venue. However, you still might have to alert neighbors and check ordinances. Having the cops crash your intimate gathering when they respond to a noise complaint will definitely affect the vibe.

Pro: Get a Leg Up on the Prep

You have months for onsite setup. You don’t have to wait until that duck hunting convention clears out before you start setting up dining tables. As soon as that solitaire engagement ring arrives on the scene, all systems are a go. 

Con: You Have to Deal with the Aftermath

Did a catering truck run over the irrigation system? Did the guests track all that mud across the white carpet? Instead of letting the professional cleaning staff clean your professional venue while you jet off for your honeymoon, are you spending the day after your wedding hosing down the area where that port-a-potty tipped over?

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Pro: Make Guests Feel Comfortable

You’ve always felt at home in your friend’s backyard – that’s why you felt comfortable asking them to host your wedding. The setting feels more personal because it has a real connection to the people who are being celebrated.

Con: Guests Might Overstep

But sometimes, guests get too comfortable. Is your cousin rifling through your closet after an unfortunate spill? Are your next-door neighbors (not invited) dropping by with a cooler of beer?

The decision to host a backyard wedding is a little bit like the decision to go out to a restaurant or a bar. You can save money and remain in a more comfortable, controlled environment by staying home. But when you are serving wine out of Big Gulp cups and waiting for your buddy Eddy to realize that the other guests left hours ago, it can remind you why you have professionals take the responsibility of hosting off your hands. Determine what is best for you and your future spouse. Happy planning!

Thank you so much to Modern Gents for sharing all of your expertise with us on backyard weddings! You can take a look a their ring selections here!



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