With Whimsy and Wilder Nashville Wedding Photographer

Your Ultimate Guide to Wedding Photographers in Nashville & Surrounding Areas

In the vibrant and picturesque landscapes of Nashville and its surrounding areas, a multitude of talented photographers awaits to transform your wedding moments into timeless memories. Welcome to your comprehensive guide featuring 74 wedding photographers in Nashville meticulously curated to suit every style, budget, and preference. We understand the importance of finding the ideal photographer to capture the essence of your love story while maintaining your budget. That’s why we’ve carefully researched each photographer’s pricing, in this alphabetical list.** Moreover, we’ve highlighted the distinctive style of each photographer to assist you in narrowing down your search and finding the perfect match for your vision. Whether you’re drawn to timeless and classic portraits, candid and documentary-style shots, or vibrant and artistic imagery, our curated list offers a diverse selection of photographers to suit every taste and aesthetic. Take the time to explore each photographer’s portfolio, immerse yourself in their work, and envision how their unique style fits in with your own. With our comprehensive guide at your fingertips, you’ll be empowered to make an informed decision that aligns perfectly with your preferences and budget.

**Note: It’s essential to note that while we’ve provided pricing information at the time of our research and posting, these rates may have evolved since then. We encourage you to reach out directly to the photographers for the most up-to-date pricing details.

Bloom Digital Nashville Wedding Photographer
Bloom Digital


Adelaide Street Media – Contemporary, Natural/ $3600 most popular package
Allie Burgess Photo – Contemporary, Natural/ starts at $1000
Anthony David Photography – Contemporary, Photojournalistic, Traditional/ starts at $1995
BB Jaxson Photography – Traditional, Natural/ starts at $995
Belle Intrigue Photography – Photojournalistic/ starts at $1800
Bina Brodley Photography – Natural, Contemporary, Photojournalistic/ starts at $1800
Bloom Digital – Cinematic / starts at $1600 *Nashville Bride Guide Recommendation
Brad & Jen – Natural, Film, Photojournalistic / contact for pricing
Britt Marie Studios – Luxury Boudoir / starts at $400 *Nashville Bride Guide Recommendation

Britt Marie Studios Nashville Boudoir Photography
Britt Marie Studios


Calli Hume Photography – Contemporary, Natural / starts at $4500
Captive Visuals – Cinematic, Documentary / starts at $2099
Captured by Cait Marie – Natural / starts at $1500
Cass Case Photography – Contemporary / $2600 most popular package
Celladora Photo + Video – Natural, Storytelling / starts at $3800
Cody & Allison Photography – Directive Portraiture, Documentary/ starts at $3700
Conrad Creative Co – Documentary / starts at $1200

Destination Life Nashville Wedding Photographer
Destination Life Photography


Dante Albanese Photography – Natural, Photojournalism, Traditional/ $2000 most popular package
Darcy Ferris Photography – Contemporary, Traditional/ starts at $2425
David Anthony Portraits – Contemporary, Natural, Photojournalistic, Traditional/ $1320 most popular package
Destination Life Photography – Lifestyle, Photojournalistic, Documentary, Cinematic/ starts at $3700 *Nashville Bride Guide Recommendation
Details Nashville – Contemporary, Photojournalistic/ $4500 most popular package *Nashville Bride Guide Recommendation

Details Nashville Wedding Photographer
Details Nashville


Emily Anne Photo Art – Contemporary, Photojournalistic/ contact for pricing
Emily Campbell Photography – Natural/ starts at $2800
Feiten Photography – Contemporary, Natural/ starts at $5800
Frozen Exposure Photo & Cinema – Contemporary, Photojournalistic/ starts at $4500
Glenai Gilbert Photography – Contemporary, Traditional/ starts at $2000


Haley Maria Photography – Lifestyle/ starts at $2400
Honey Photo Co. – Contemporary, Natural/ starts at $2000
Inna Yurch Photography – Natural, Photojournalism, Vintage, Traditional/ starts at $1800
JAO Photography – Natural, Photojournalistic/ starts at $2000
Jay Farrell Photography – Documentary/ starts at $2500
John Myers Photography & Videography – Photojournalistic/ starts at $2500 *Nashville Bride Guide Recommendation
Joshua Corey – Natural/ starts at $3000
Justin Wright Photography – Editorial/ starts at $3500

Timeless Wedding with Modern Touches
John Myers Photography


Kéra Photography – Natural, Photojournalistic, Film/ $4320 most popular package
La Boutique Photography – Film, Natural, Photojournalistic/ starts at $3500
Laura K. Allen – Traditional/ $3600 most popular package
Lincoln Wedding Photography – Artistic, Photojournalistic/ starts at $3305 *Nashville Bride Guide Recommendation
Linn’s Photography – Contemporary, Natural/ starts at $2300
Live Free Photography – Traditional, Photojournalistic/ starts at $990
Lizzy Oakley Photography – Photojournalistic/ starts at $2200
LYPhotographyCo – Natural/ starts at $1500

Lincoln Photography Nashville Wedding Photographer
Lincoln Photography


Mandy Liz – Natural, Photojournalism/ $3200 most popular package
Matt Andrews Photography – Documentary/ starts at $3500
Matt Umland – Photojournalistic/ starts at $5000
Maxim Photo Studio – Contemporary, Traditional, Photojournalism/ starts at $2495
Megan Morris Photography – Natural (focuses on elopements)/ starts at $4000

Melanie Dunn Photography – Heirloom Photography /starts at $7500
Melanie YC Photography – Natural, Traditional/ starts at $1800
Melissa & Co Photo – Natural, Photojournalistic, Film/ starts at $1800
Mercedes Event Photography – Documentary/ $6500 most popular package
Michelle Hines Photography – Traditional, Photojournalism/ starts at $1200
MxM Photography – Contemporary, Natural, Traditional/ starts at $2400
Nashville Photography Group – Contemporary, Traditional, Photojournalism/ starts at $2999

Optic Sam Nashville Wedding Photographer
Optic Sam Photography


OpticSam Photography – Fine Art/ starts at $3200 *Nashville Bride Guide Recommendation
PhotosbyBee – Contemporary, Photojournalism, Vintage/ starts at $2800
Polston Photography – Photojournalism/ starts at $2000
Rachel Moore – Lifestyle, Documentary, Photojournalistic/ contact for pricing
Rebecca Musayev Photography – Legacy Wedding Photographer/ $12000 most popular package *Nashville Bride Guide Recommendation
Rebecca Renee Photography – Photojournalistic, Natural/ $2750 most popular package
Ropera Photography – Natural, Photojournalistic/ $3000 most popular package

Rebecca Musayev Photography Nashville Wedding Photographer
Rebecca Musayev Photography


Samantha Scott Photography – Natural, Traditional/ $1500 most popular package
Sara Bill Photography – Natural, Photojournalism, Documentary/ starts at $3200
SavWalts Photography – Natural, Contemporary, Film/ $2000 most popular package
Simply Weddings Nashville – Contemporary, Photojournalism/ starts at $2700
Smith Creative – Film, Natural, Photojournalism/ starts at $4000
Steve Herilhy Photography – Traditional/ starts at $2500
Stokes Del Rio – Documentary, Editorial/ $6700 most popular package
The Rose Reflective – Film, Vintage, Photojournalism – starts at $4750
Through Victoria’s Lens – Natural/ starts at $2400

With Whimsy and Wilder Nashville Wedding Photographer
With Whimsy and Wilder


Vows & Venues – Traditional, Photojournalistic, Artistic, Lifestyle/ starts at $1200
White Fox Wedding Photography – Candid/ Traditional/ $1675 most popular package
Wilde Company – Artistic, Photojournalistic/ starts at $2900
With Whimsy and Wilder – Traditional, Photojournalism/ starts at $3000-$5000 *Nashville Bride Guide Recommendation

Your wedding day deserves to be celebrated in perfect frames, and with the help of these exceptional wedding photographers in Nashville, every precious memory will be preserved for a lifetime of joy and reminiscence.


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