Why You Should Live Stream Your Wedding from Details Nashville

Why You Should Live Stream Your Wedding from Details Nashville

Gone are the days where friends and family who may be limited in travel and/or live afar can’t attend a wedding. This is one of the many reasons why you should live stream your wedding! Whether you’re already taking advantage of the amazing opportunity to be connected virtually on your big day or you’re on the fence and still need a little more convincing, Details Nashville is here to help! With their live streaming service available for celebrations, Canaan is talking about how it all works along with all the benefits in the interview below. Keep reading to see how this team of creatives is ready to make your live stream happen!

Wedding first look captured by Details Nashville

Why should you live stream your wedding?

Canaan: Why shouldn’t you livestream your wedding!? Listen, technology has given us so many amazing opportunities! Not least of which is our ability to connect with one another over the internet. We can be present for important moments even when life prevents us from doing it in person. When it comes to weddings we’re living in a world right now where travel is not a given anymore. Theres also the reality that we may have loved ones that are too old or have health conditions that prevent them from making the trek to the wedding location. Doing a livestream allows everyone to be present on your special day regardless of circumstances.

Tell us more details about how Details Nashville can live stream your wedding.

Canaan: We have done everything for weddings from ceremony to reception and cocktail hours where guest can get together in their locations digitally but be present in the reception space on big screens where people can interact with each other! While it’s certainly not the same as being physically precent, we’ve seen guest enjoy being able to watch first dances, see and hear the wedding speeches, and dance and drink from their own locations while its happening in real time at the wedding!

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Intimate Wedding Celebration by Details Nashville

How can family and friends from afar log in to view the live stream?

Canaan: The way we generally do it, is we create a unique URL for your wedding. This gets sent to guests that won’t be able to come and they can click the link when the feed goes live. For folks who want a little more security or privacy, we also provide a password protected link so we don’t have any virtual wedding crashers!

Can you also live stream to a video screen in another room at the venue?

Canaan: Yep, we can connect to a venues system if it allows, and have the livestream happening on any screen we can connect up to. It also lets your guest see the wedding space virtually if we have a multi camera setup for a multi room space.

Why You Should Live Stream Your Wedding from Details Nashville

How can couples have the best possible small-scale wedding by utilizing a live stream service?

Canaan: For folks who want to have a smaller guest count for budget or even just preference a live stream is a great option. This allows you to book smaller venues, head count for dinner and drinks is lower and everyone still gets to tune in for such a wonderful moment like your ceremony. If you’re interested in this service, definitely reach out, its a great addition to any wedding, and adds so much flexibility to your wedding day!

Is there anything else you can share about live streaming a wedding?

Canaan: Live stream is something that we can typically do on fairly short notice, so even if its something you add last minute, its usually something we can accommodate!

Why You Should Live Stream Your Wedding from Details Nashville

I don’t know about you, but we’re pretty thankful for technology! Huge thank you to Canaan at Details Nashville for diving into why you should live stream your wedding. Ready to add this service onto your wedding day? Reach out to Canaan here!

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