Why You Should Have a Barn Wedding in Tennessee | Nashville

Barn weddings are here to stay! They’ve evolved over the years and have now become glamorous and upscale. Barns are the perfect place to host out of town guests – showing them a bit of the Nashville area countryside. And glamming up the rustic barn backdrop is always a hit in my book! Today, Marissa with The Barn at Sycamore Farms, a gorgeous barn venue in Arrington, TN, is here to share all about why hosting a barn wedding is a great idea. Especially at Sycamore Farms! It’s one of my favorite venues in town and it’s definitely worth the drive out to Arrington to take a tour. Keep reading to learn more about why hosting a barn wedding is a great idea!

Marissa: Middle TN provides a stunning southern backdrop with the convenience many peoples desired visit to Nashville.  A short drive from Nashville to Sycamore Farms, your guests can choose to stay and enjoy the big city, or stay in a quaint bed and breakfast near the open fields that is middle TN. With the seclusion of overgrown trees, and the southern air, you can’t go wrong with Middle TN southern romantic charm. 

Marissa: Couples these days are looking for a rustic barn wedding venue with outdoor ceremony locations to showcase the southern atmosphere.  Either you were born in TN, and a barn feels as close to home as it can get, or you are looking for a beautiful, spacious, venue for a destination wedding. And while our barn’s layout is exactly one of a working barn, Logistically, it is made for events! So your event will be seamless and successful. 

Marissa: Barn weddings are different than most. Traditionally, many people prefer a wedding ceremony to take place indoors. Many barn venues offer stunning ceremony locations outside, showcasing surrounding rolling hills that are most of Middle TN. 

Marissa: Barn weddings can be for any guest count! Mostly barns tend to be larger, so these groups may feel more comfortable within the space, however, setting up the space plays a huge part in making the space feel as intimate as needed. Sycamore Farms has a 3500 sqft main hall so can accommodate fairly large guest counts. With that said, we have hosted as little as 30-50 guest weddings very successfully. 

Marissa: Sycamore Farms has many very unique qualities. Firstly, it has a ceremony island! Who doesn’t want to get married on an island in the south! With a 2-acre lake surrounding its island, we can accommodate 50-400 guests on our ceremony island. Second, we have a stone-arched bridge, stretching over the lake to the ceremony island. The bridge is the aisle for the bride, while our 100 year old, 7 prong sycamore tree aligns right down the middle. We have 2 covered verandas for ceremony rain options, or spacious cocktail hours, as well as a 9ft tall, 8ft across, crystal chandelier that is the showstopper of our reception main hall. Within the space we also have a ladies lounge, with  custom-lit hair and makeup stations, private restroom, lounge seating, Flat screen TV, farmhouse table, large dressing closet, and 3 crystal chandeliers for photo backdrop. Our gentlemen’s lounge, has a poker table, foosball table, shuttle board table, craps table, restroom, locking closet, lounge area with TV. 

Marissa: I think the biggest change would be the sense of glamour to the idea of a barn wedding. While many people like the rustic, simplicity of a barn, they want to add some pizazz, presenting us with the idea of rustic meets elegance! While we are a barn, we are cleanly, spacious, with a touch of elegance with our large crystal chandelier. 

Thank you so much for sharing such valuable insight with us, Marissa! You can check out The Barn at Sycamore Farms here online and also be sure to follow along with their gorgeous weddings on Instagram

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