Why You Should Always Schedule an Appointment with a Nashville Wedding Vendor

Time crunches happen. Especially when you’re planning your wedding! The scenario: your mom came into town just for the weekend to help you plan your wedding. So here we go, you need to hop around as fast as you can from vendor to vendor… interviewing a photographer, touring a venue, picking out linens, snagging the perfect dress, designing your lighting. There are about 20 stops and only 8 (business) hours in a day… how will you possibly find the time to do everything? Does sound familiar? I bet! It can be overwhelming! 

Photo by Anjeanette Illustration Photography

Now when you’re in this situation, there are a few things you need to keep in mind… well actually, there’s really one major thing you need to keep in mind.

Always schedule an appointment with your vendor ahead of time.

Plan it out. Map it out if it helps. Take the time to make those phone calls and type up those emails to get on the wedding vendor’s calendar. 

Why? Mainly because it’s the considerate thing to do. Your vendor will be expecting you and will be prepared to give you the one-on-one service and attention you deserve. This is the most crucial time to get to know you and your wedding vision… to see if you’re a good fit for each other. No distractions. Period.

After being in the wedding industry here for 3 years now, I know vendors (with a brick and mortar shop) deal with this situation on a regular basis. As a vendor, it’s not a good feeling when you’re in the middle of an important conversation with a bride (who scheduled an appointment) and another bride or MOB walks through the door asking for time and attention unexpectedly. 

Please know, vendors try to accommodate brides as best as they can. Most brick and mortar companies have hours of business, so please be mindful of those hours. Also keep in mind that some vendors work out of their own studio on their own hours. So do not be surprised if they’re closed when you show up at the door without an appointment. Needless to say, vendors are willing to work with your crazy schedules to a certain extent. In special scenarios vendors stay after hours, work on Sundays, and may even come in on a holiday with advance notice. 

If you happen to be in the area or find out about another nearby vendor at your current meeting, please don’t be disappointed if you stop by and they are unavailable. Call ahead of time (even if it’s on your way over!) to see if they are available to help you.

So if you make appointments to meet with all of your wedding vendors, everyone will feel relaxed and ready to plan the best day of your life!

Photo provided by Loveless Events

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