Why Having a Wedding Coordinator Eases Your Wedding Planning Process from 14TENN | Nashville

With as stressful as wedding planning can be for some brides, it’s important to utilize all the sources you have to help make it easier. A great way to do this is to have a venue coordinator! Just what is a venue coordinator and how do they differ from a wedding planner? The folks at Nashville wedding venue, 14TENN, are answering all those questions and more in this post. Keep reading to find out more!

Why Having a Wedding Coordinator Eases Your Wedding Planning Process from 14TENN

How can having a wedding coordinator ease the wedding planning process?

Having a wedding coordinator takes the stress off of the couple so they are able to enjoy such a special time in their lives. A coordinator not only helps with the logistics, but helps the client stay on a budget and timeline to plan a wedding that fits their personality and style. In addition, the coordinator can help find vendors that they know will do an amazing job on your big day.

What are some of the tasks a wedding coordinator is responsible for at 14TENN?

At 14TENN, our coordinators help our clients stay within their budget, assist in the vendor decision process, space design, theme, timelines, rehearsals and more. When a client uses our coordination services, they have unlimited communication with their coordinator to ensure that all of the tough questions are answered, and that planning their wedding is a fun and stress-free experience.

What is the difference between a venue coordinator and a wedding planner at 14TENN?

When booking with 14TENN, a client concierge is assigned as their point of contact. The client concierge is available throughout the planning process to approve vendors, answer any questions about our space, meet during Walkthrough Wednesdays, and to schedule any additional services that our venue is responsible for.  When a client decides to book 14TENN coordination in addition to renting the space, they gain access to unlimited communication with their coordinator, four additional planning meetings outside of Walkthrough Wednesdays, diagram and timeline creation, assistance in vendor booking, and answering any additional questions the client may have!

Why Having a Wedding Coordinator Eases Your Wedding Planning Process from 14TENN

Should couples have a venue coordinator and a wedding planner?

We always, always, always recommend having a coordinator. The more responsibility that can be removed from the couple, the better, so that they can enjoy their day! When you book 14TENN coordination, our Client Concierge becomes your Coordinator, so that you stay in communication with the same person the entire planning process. Venue coordinators are very different than full-service wedding planners or coordinators, and every venue delegates different responsibilities to the venue representative, so this is a great question to ask when starting to do tours!

Tell us what the process is like when working with the venue coordinator at 14 Tenn. (How many meetings, who communicates with vendors, etc.)

When working with a coordinator at 14TENN, you receive hands on assistance throughout our entire planning process. We’ll help find vendors, review contracts, design space diagrams, create vision boards, and more. When you book our coordinators you are able to email or call at anytime with questions throughout the planning process, and the client will be able to have 4 additional private planning meetings. On top of all that the coordinator will communicate with vendors to make sure you get exactly what you want, and they will make sure they up to the 14TENN standards. On the day of, our coordinators manage the vendors and decor set-up and make sure that your special day runs smoothly!

What does booking 14TENN without a wedding coordinator look like?

When you do not book a coordinator, you still have access to a client concierge. We highly recommend adding on coordination, of course, so that you receive a full-service planning experience and can focus on the fun stuff! As a booked client however, our Walk Through Wednesdays are a great time to bring in your vendors and anyone helping with the planning process, to view the space and ask questions. Side note: We have Walk Through Wednesdays every Wednesday from 2pm-8pm, unless we have a booked event, in which case we will try to reschedule WTW for a different day of the week.

Great advice, Lauren! Thank you for sharing! If you’re in the heat of the wedding planning process and looking for a great Nashville wedding venue, be sure to check out 14TENN and their wedding coordinator service!

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