What’s Your Wedding Day Scent? From Skylar Clean Beauty

No matter the season, you want to smell fresh on your wedding day! As we know, many perfumes and fragrances have toxic chemicals in them. That’s why when we found out about Skylar Clean Beauty to add into our wedding beauty routine, we did a double take! Unlike most perfumes, Skylar’s products are CLEAN. Yes, you can still smell fresh without the harmful toxins! With a wide array of perfume options on their site, you’ll need to choose one for your wedding day. What is your wedding day scent? Whether it’s summer, winter, spring or fall, keep reading below for our picks for wedding day scents by season!

If you have a wedding planned for Summer, Capri Summer is an excellent wedding scent choice! The combination of Bergamot, Neroli and Blood Orange will leave you pining for the coastline. You’ll leave a trail of sweet, zesty, citrus fruits throughout your wedding day. Spritz it throughout the day or purchase the rollerball to reapply throughout your “I do’s”!

This luxurious scent will leave you feeling like soft cashmere! Cuddle up next to your new husband with notes of sophistication. The mixed scents of warm chai latte, clove, cinnamon bark and sandalwood in Fall Cashmere will leave you with that snuggling feeling!

Get those wintery vibes through your wedding day scent with Willow Woods from Skylar Clean Beauty! It’s like a peaceful walk through the forest. Balsam, Pine and of course, Willow are all present in this misty scent. Spritz a cloud of Willow Woods on your winter wedding day for those romantic wooded vibes!

Hello spring! With a budding love on your wedding day, floral notes are great for your spring wedding scent! Enter: Magic Bloom! It’s bright and juicy with notes of magnolia, pear and honeysuckle. Bring those uplifting spirits to your wedding day through your scent!

No matter the time of year you’re to wed, Skylar Clean Beauty is here for you! Browse their array of scents through their online catalogue. You’re sure to find something perfect to fit your wedding day style and season!

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