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Weekday Wedding vs. Weekend Wedding – Advice from Burdoc Farms

If you’ve thrown around the idea of a weekday wedding, then you’re going to appreciate today’s post! Sara from Burdoc Farms is here to give us the inside scoop. She not only breaks down the perks and differences between a weekday wedding vs. a weekend wedding, but she also explains who the ideal couple would be for a weekday wedding along with the benefits to their venue specifically. If going against the norm is what you’re after, keep on scrolling for tons of good information!

Let’s talk weekday weddings! Are you seeing more couples get married on a weekday?

Sara: Yes I am seeing more weekday weddings for a variety of reasons. Here are the main reasons I hear from couples why they chose a weekday wedding. Most venues weekday prices are reduced so the couple can save money that could be used toward some other aspect of their wedding and in most cases it is the honeymoon. Couples are wanting to take longer honeymoons and honeymoons overseas that cost more than your trip to the beach. The date is important to the couple, so for example, it could be the date they met, date they got engaged, or a date that is important to their families. Lastly I see couples get married on weekdays because they want a low key more intimate wedding and they know a weekday wedding will quiet and simpler.

What types of weddings are on a weekday – large or small? And are they during the day or at night?

Sara: Most of our weekday weddings are in the afternoon, and they are smaller. Usually around 40 to 60 guests. However, I had a couple have a weekday wedding because of the price difference but then were upset because the attendance was smaller than expected. I think a couple wanting to get married on a weekday should be realistic and prepared about the attendance numbers. Weekday weddings can be hard for a lot of folks and their work schedules so that is something to consider and think about if the guest numbers are important to you.

What are the perks of getting married on a weekday?

Sara: I think the biggest perks can be the price points. Not only could you get a discount from the venue, its possible that photographers and DJ services will also give you a discount on a weekday package. So if your budget is tight or you just like a bargain, there can be a lot of better prices points on packages from other vendors on a weekday wedding. Also with our venues and we have two very different venues, by getting married on a weekday the couple has access to all the areas. So that can be a perk with a weekday wedding at a venue that has multiple locations that you would normally not have access to on a Saturday wedding day.

Moody Forest Burdoc Farms Wedding | Nashville Bride Guide
Burdoc Farms Wedding | Nashville Bride Guide

Describe the couple who would love to get married on a weekday.

Sara: The couples who get married on weekdays are usually not as demanding of a lot of attention and are more laid back. They are also budget minded, they want to get the biggest bang for their budget!

Sunday weddings! How are these different from a typical Friday or Saturday wedding?

Sara: We have had Sunday weddings that were just as big as a Friday or Saturday wedding. It really depends on the couple and how big a wedding they decide to have and who all can come. For some guest a Sunday is no different than a Saturday. Also, most venues will also give a discount for a Sunday wedding, but usually not as much as a weekday wedding.

Is there a cost difference involved with a Sunday wedding vs. a Friday or Saturday wedding at Burdoc Farms?

Sara: Yes there is a price difference and we package Friday with Saturday. So you can get the Friday/Saturday Package, or the Sunday Package or the 2 Day Weekday Package. The price difference between Friday/Saturday and Sunday is $1000 so that is pretty significant amount when you are talking about a Sunday vs a Friday/Saturday wedding. A weekday wedding there is a $2000 price difference between a weekday and Friday/Saturday. So you can really save some money doing a weekday wedding.

Moody Forest Burdoc Farms Wedding | Nashville Bride Guide
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What are the perks and drawbacks of having your wedding on a Sunday?

Sara: A great way to take advantage of a Sunday, is to get married on a holiday weekend when people have Monday off from work. That can really work to your advantage on a Sunday wedding. However some venues will charge a premium for a holiday weekday. So be prepared! There are other challenges to having a Sunday wedding. Some vendors just will not work on Sundays so you might be limited on who you can hire for your wedding., and if you want a very specific vendor you have to work around their schedule. Alcohol sales might also be an issue on a Sunday wedding. If the party is important to you, a Sunday might not work. Just be sure on a Sunday wedding you ask those kinds of questions of your vendors and your venue.

Is there anything else you’d like to share about Sunday weddings or weekday weddings?

Sara: Personally if I was budget conscious and was looking to save money other ways, I would get married on a weekday. And, it is possible to get discounts from other vendors as well, not just the venue. I like how laid back they are, I like that in our case you have access to all of the farm, and that is probably true at other venues. More access to other areas on a weekday wedding. And if you are getting married on a weekday, make the date a significant date, one that means something to you. Your first date, date you were engaged, whatever the case maybe then you never forget your wedding date!

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Huge thank you to Sara of Burdoc Farms for this great advice on weekday weddings vs. weekend weddings! If you’re interested in learning more about Burdoc Farms specifically for your big day, be sure to reach out to them here!

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