Say I Do To Wedding Insurance – Why You Should Consider It For Your Wedding

wedding insurance

Current Insurance Policy

For many homeowners or renters insurance policies, a rider can be added to cover any expenses that you might be liable for. Calling your current insurer and requesting a quote is a great place to start, as this option is usually fairly affordable and easy to obtain. This type of insurance could cover a personal accident onsite, or the value of any rentals, decor or gifts that you have brought into your venue.  A rider can also cover the use of the venue and its property, and some venues will require that you show a Certificate of Liability. If you are renting tables, chairs, serving ware, lighting or other expensive elements, you will want to check with your rental company to see if they require a certain amount of coverage while the rentals are in your possession. 

Separate Insurance Policy

It is also possible to obtain a separate policy with another insurance company entirely to cover your wedding and related events (i.e. a rehearsal dinner). You can also take out a policy to cover non-refundable costs should your wedding need to be cancelled or postponed. You can tailor this policy to cover exactly what you want to protect, including rentals, gifts or vehicles. Liability insurance can also protect you in the event that a staff member becomes injured, or guests receive food poisoning. 

While you’re at it, don’t forget to add your new sparkly ring to your insurance, as jewelry like an engagement ring usually requires a separate rider on your policy. Most policies will require a certificate of sale, or an independent value from a jeweler in order to set up this type of protection. Covering loss, theft or damage to your wedding rings, it is certainly worth taking the time to make sure your investments are protected for a lifetime wear!

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