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Ways to Honor Your Heritage at Your Wedding from Music City Events

Wanting to pay tribute to your roots during your wedding day is such a great way to not only tell parts of your family story, but to build a great wedding design around it all. And believe it or not, there are many fantastic ways to do so! Heather of Music City Events is sharing unique ways to honor your heritage at your wedding along with some meaningful decor advice! Keep reading to find out more!

How does incorporating your heritage make your wedding more meaningful?

Heather: For some, many members of the family are just as involved in the planning of the wedding, as the couple. We all have culture, tradition and impressions to honor and it is always more meaningful to evidently see everyone recognized during a wedding celebration. Sometimes, key members of the family are not involved or even present to help with the planning, so couples find other ways to nod in their direction and recognize the significant others in their lives.

What are some ways you can decorate your table scape to honor your heritage?

Heather: Our advice is to first find the meaning in your tribute, then find the style elements to compliment and tell the story. For example: A family may have a long lineage of California gold miners in their bloodline, with great great grandparents meeting on the frontier & founding a family amidst the wild and beautiful western landscape. A couple could design their florals by bringing in wild foliage native to the state in which their grandparents parents met. Maybe a bold all gold tablescape design would be a classy nod to that part of the story. By finding the story first, it is easier to build a unique design around it, and a more meaningful way to bring recognition to your heritage.

Are there any details the guests might appreciate as far as favors go to honor your heritage?

Heather: There are only two details that guests appreciate when it comes to favors: Alcohol & Live Plants . Find whatever booze is native to your heritage and bottle it up!

We usually think of honoring your heritage during your wedding ceremony. What are some other ways you can honor it during your reception?

Heather: Building special tribute moments and dances throughout the dancing time is a great way to keep both the dancers and onlookers engaged throughout the night. It is easy to lose steam no matter how perfect the playlist. Be sure to have the DJ make announcements giving the details of why each moment or dance is significant and meaningful, so that guests know what is happening and why.

Are there any little personalized details that are significant to families and cultures that would best be utilized on a wedding day?

Heather: If there is no small personalized detail that is significant to utilize on a wedding day (i.e. a special locket wrapped around your bouquet, an heirloom passed down from a family member, etc.) , create one for your future descendants! Do not be afraid to invest in a piece of jewelry that you would be proud to pass on to your future loved ones. Dare to be creative! Select bridal earrings that are the birthstone of your partner. Purchase an elaborate pocket watch for your groom that his children look forward to receiving…and which will keep his grooms party on time on the wedding day 😉 Use your imagination and be romantic about it!

How do these little meaningful touches of wedding decor fit into the overall story of the couple/wedding day?

Heather: When all is said and done, a majority of guests will remember the friends and fellowship they experienced at a couples wedding, not the small details meant for the couple and their families. Yet, it is so special for a couple to look at pictures of “Mee-Maw” standing beside her wedding photo at the guest book table. Or, for parents to sit down at the head table and see small tokens of their story built in to the place settings at their child’s wedding. For a bride to plan the colors of her wedding around the heirloom earrings she wore, then to smile as she remembers, putting them in while getting ready for work years later. Our wedding story can have as much meaning as we design for it to have, and while many meaningful touches will be too small for most guests, it wont be for the ones who need to be reminded of the love shared on that special day.

I don’t know about you, but we’ve taken away so much good inspiration from this post! Thanks so much Heather! Be sure to check out Music City Events for your wedding planning and design needs!


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