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    Our Look:

    Our floral aesthetic is lush, airy and romantic. We enjoy local and uncommon blooms and always source those first, with an emphasis on designing for destination weddings. We prefer a loose, garden-inspired style with a sophisticated color palette and a variety of textures. Our bouquets are organic in feel and filled with depth, movement, and space; very much influenced by the location and the season.

    Our Wedding Flower Design Process:

    We work closely with you, as a couple, throughout your entire wedding planning process to ensure that your florals are completely unique and tailored to your personalities. We want you to feel excited and heard throughout the process.

    Getting to know you is key to creating a floral look that represents you genuinely. Budgets are established early on, and we never ever charge more than we have agreed.

    We love opportunities to travel to new places: soaking in the colors, textures and florals of the area, designing a look for our clients that feels like a natural extension of the environment. Our clients trust our knowledge to create a sophisticated and cohesive floral story for their wedding. We pride ourselves on our discretion and clients privacy.

    Our Expert Advice:

    We find that when you let the season and location’s colors and floral varieties steer your design direction the result is always better. Everyone involved in the planning process has the same goal, so it’s important to trust your team and know we’ll take care  of every last detail. 

    Be clear with your total budget and trust your team to bring your dream to reality. Bigger is not always better. Harmonious proportion throughout your wedding makes the florals look intimate and elegant, like somebody made them with care. 

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