• Ashlyn Hughes-Rogers
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    Hi there, I’m Ashlyn.  There’s a few things you should know about me right out the gate…
    1.  I’m a huge animal lover! I have two black Labrador Retrievers that are my world. That kitten on the side of the road… yep I’m saving it.
    2. I’m your person. (As Christina Yang says) Whatever person you need me to be on your wedding day, I’m it.
    3. Sunset portraits are a must. So just bet on those! 🙂
    4. I love traveling. Eloping? Let’s go! What time does our flight leave?
    All in all, I’ve been a photographer for almost 5 years now, it’s crazy how the time has flown by. Seems like just yesterday that I picked up my first camera and was photographing my dog. I grew up on the South Florida coast, and get to return regularly to photograph weddings while visiting family! This has opened up so many doors to travel to even more places with my clients!  Weddings excite me! I’m very detail oriented and I want everything to run as smooth as possible for you.  But remember…the ceremony doesn’t start until you do, so no matter what happens, you call the shots! I work with couples that value memories and a personal experience catered to them as a couple! Capturing love stories and that true romance between the two of you is what I’m all about! **Add an additional hour of coverage to your wedding day for FREE when you inquire and book through Nashville Bride Guide.**

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