Unique Wedding Registry Items from AR Workshop Mt. Juliet

Unique Wedding Registry Items from AR Workshop Mt. Juliet

When it comes to building your wedding registry, seeking out unique items to add is often a top priority. What better way to include things like this than to have them customized… just for you? These the unique wedding registry items from AR Workshop Mt. Juliet are everything and more when it comes to personalized gifts. Haley is here today to explain why you should consider adding their pieces to your registry along with some great suggestions that couples have included in the past. Keep on reading to see what she has to say!

Unique Wedding Registry Items from AR Workshop Mt. Juliet
Unique Wedding Registry Items from AR Workshop Mt. Juliet

Tell us why it’s a great idea to add items from AR Workhop Mt. Juliet to your wedding registry?

Haley: Our business is the definition of CUSTOM!! There is no better place than ARW to add custom and meaningful items for your registry! While your loved ones can pick something for you on their own, selecting your own items that you know you’d love to be purchased (or even made by!) your friends and family is really special. Of course you and your soon to be spouse have things of your own but having these special home decor and creative pieces that are for the both of you are really great things to ask for – especially if you already “have it all!”

Tell us about some of the home items that are great for wedding registries at AR Workshop Mt. Juliet!

Haley: We have a wedding shower happening in the workshop soon! The bride has made a list of projects that her family and friends can choose from. Once they pick the project they want, they will make it at the wedding shower for the special couple! All of our projects are great but here’s a few items that this lovely bride has added to her registry: -Cake stand (to be used at the wedding!)

-Plank and frame signs – some with wedding info and signage + and others just for their home together!

-Pillows – perfect for your front porch or to add to your collection of seasonal decor with your new last name!

-A planter box – For the front porch for the bride and groom’s new home together

-Cheese board – for lots of hosting and charcuterie! A few other items that we love and perfect for couples to request on their registry,

-Porch sign with their last name (and maybe new home address)

-Cornhole boards – to us, this is the ultimate gift! We love to help customize these for the bride and groom. *Bonus if you gift them early, the guests can have some fun at cocktail hour of the wedding!

-Lazy Susan – the most classic wedding gift of them all. It might be a traditional item but all of our many designs help make this gift a little more modern. And really special!

Unique Wedding Registry Items from AR Workshop Mt. Juliet
Unique Wedding Registry Items from AR Workshop Mt. Juliet

What makes these items great for wedding registries?

Haley: The personalization factor is a game changer. Of course your wedding date and new last name is something to be proud of – so why not ask for items that include both? We have also seen our gifts are great for a wedding registry when a couple might already have a home together and/or both have lots of the normal registry items already taken care of. Our gifts are a little more personal and really perfect for the couple who might have the normal items taken care of!

Tell us what kind of couple is the perfect fit for unique wedding registry items at AR Workshop Mt. Juliet?

Haley: Any and all couples! It’s been really fun to see all the different newly engaged guests come into the workshop and what catches their eye. Just recently we had an elderly couple that just got married stop in! The new husband purchased a gift card for his new bride to come make something with her new last name and their recent wedding date. Our items are truly for everyone.

Unique Wedding Registry Items from AR Workshop Mt. Juliet

How do bridal shower guests work with AR Workshop to purchase the wedding registry items?

Haley: A few different ways we do this! Sometimes the bride just wants to do a fun outing at our workshop with her bridesmaids – you could take it upon yourself to make something for HER instead of yourself as a very meaningful wedding gift, even if she didn’t specifically ask for it! -We also work with brides to come up with their list of exactly what they are looking for. Once we determine the project, size, design and even color suggestions the bride wants, we have a full list that we can discuss with bridal guests to pick from. We have projects of all prices and sizes – so they can just give us a call or email and we will help them select the best item!

Is there anything else you’d like to share about unique wedding registry items at AR Workshop Mt. Juliet?

Haley: While we are a DIY Workshop, we know not every shower or wedding guest has the time to come to the workshop to make this special gift. At no additional charge, our craft staff of expert instructors will make the gift for you! This way we take care of the detail and color ways the bride wants, you pay for it and pick it up ready to be gifted! Of course if one wants to sign up and make in a workshop we always welcome that too!

Unique Wedding Registry Items from AR Workshop Mt. Juliet

This is such a wonderful idea! If you’re ready to add some of these unique wedding registry items to your list, be sure to reach out to the team at AR Workshop Mt. Juliet!


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