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Timeless Wedding with Mediterranean Details that Will Make Your Heart Melt

Rooted in tradition, Adrianna and Christaki’s found the recipe to a beautiful celebration. Their timeless wedding with mediterranean details started with a classic black and white color palette. The combination paired well with the greenery and olive branch floral designs that were included to embrace the couple’s Italian and Greek heritage. Heirlooms were wrapped around the bride’s bouquet, while the groom received an heirloom himself, an Italian horn. With their day being inclusive of their cultures, they made sure that baklava and cannolis were a part of the dessert table and the groom even got to share a dance with his dear mom to a song by Italian opera singer, Andrea Bocelli. The sentimental nods and meaning behind the details are what have this day stealing our heart. Keep on scrolling to see how Gabbi Odum Photography preserved these memories!

Adrianna + Christaki


First Presbyterian Church + Owensboro Convention Center

Tell us about the couple.

From the photographer Gabbi: the couple met through the brides younger sister who goes to the school that the groom works at. She thought they would make a cute couple. The groom used to play professional soccer but cut his career short when he got news that his mom was diagnosed with cancer. He took a head coaching job at Madisonville North and settled his life back in Kentucky.

Tell us about the couple’s vision.

Gabbi: The couple’s vision was very simplistic and classic (black and white). Mediterranean meets vintage and modern meets traditional. Lots of sentimental things happened all weekend on both sides of families.

What was their theme and what inspired it?

Gabbi: Most of the florals contained greenery and olive branches to represent the Greek and Italian cultures of the groom. Hence where the Mediterranean came in. There was lots to represent these cultures throughout the weekend. 

What details were used to create their theme?

Gabbi: The color scheme was black and white, and all guests were given the option to coordinate with this theme for photos. Wrapped around the brides bouquet was her grandfathers diamond ring, her grandmothers handkerchief, and the grooms late grandfathers Italian horn that he wore every day for years. The grooms cake and the wedding cake were cut and serve using family heirlooms from Germany or Cyprus. Baklava (a famous Greek dessert) and cannolis (a famous Italian dessert) were served alongside the wedding cake at the reception.

Can you share any special moments or highlights of their wedding day?

Gabbi: An Italian horn was presented to the groom from his mother and his uncles as a wedding day gift to represent their Italian side. They all have one and it is known to bring good luck and cast away evil. This was presented to the groom in the backyard  of his parents house with all of his uncles and groomsmen present. A traditional Greek money dance took place during the reception lead by the Greek guests and the father of the groom. This dance was also done at the grooms parents wedding. The brides 6 year old also walked her down the aisle, and met the groom who was holding their 1 year old. The grooms mother (on hospice) surprised the groom with a mother/son dance to her favorite Italian opera singer (Andrea Bocelli), which brought every guest to tears.

Did they have any special requests or unique challenges that you had to work through?

Gabbi: The vision to provide handicap services to the mother of the groom all weekend was also important. The bride did not book anything that was not handicap accessible all weekend. At the beginning of the wedding process, the sister of the groom (AhnaCloud Events) was asked to plan this wedding. She politely declined not thinking she would be able to fit a job like that into her schedule, as well as fear of it being too emotional. However, feelings changed after a series of events and it was clear that no one else could have invested into the sentimental parts other than the sister of the groom, who understood it all.

Congratulations Adrianna and Christaki! Special thanks to these two and to Gabbi Odum Photography for sharing their timeless wedding with mediterranean details with us.


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