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This Timeless Wedding With Modern Touches Had a S’Mores Bar

If there’s one thing Ashley and Adam wanted for their timeless wedding, it was to keep things classic and simple. To do this, they implemented a neutral color palette with subtle pops of blue, had their florist create lush and elegant arrangements, had a traditional sand pouring ceremony, and even wrote a personalized letter to every guest which doubled as their escort cards. But even with those ageless elements, they still found a way to tastefully intertwine modern touches into their celebration at Diamond Creek Farms. Not only was the flatware and table numbers presented with a contemporary vibe, but the personalized dog figurines on the wedding cake and highly welcomed s’mores bar also kept things fresh and fun. Between the incredible wedding video and this beautiful gallery from John Myers Photography & Videography, you’re definitely going to be inspired by this day!

Ashley + Adam


Ceremony & Reception Location ~ Diamond Creek Farms

Guests ~ 100

Tell us about your engagement!

Ashley: Adam proposed on June 21, 2022 while we were on vacation in the Dominican Republic. This was a vacation that we had planned in December of 2021 together and I was hoping for, but not expecting, an engagement. We had met a couple who was the same age as us who was on their honeymoon. We made plans to meet before dinner one night to take pictures of each other on the beach so we had some good photos that weren’t selfies or self timer photos. I took photos of the other couple, then they took photos of us. When we were done, I started to walk up to the girl with my phone to see the photos and Adam stopped me, held me close, then got down on one knee. Thankfully, the whole thing was caught on video even though none of us knew what was about to happen! It was perfect.

What was the vision for your wedding?

Ashley: In the very beginning stages, Adam and I were trying to figure out a color scheme. There were too many on Pinterest to choose from and Adam said he liked blue so I started looking at blue weddings. I thought it was pretty but wanted something with “less blue in your face”. That led us to deciding on something classic and neutral with a touch of blue. I wanted the wedding to be personalized to us in the details, such as the dog figurines on the cake and the signature drinks being the drinks we typically order when we go somewhere but not so personalized that it would be something that we would look back on in 10 years and say “oh my gosh do you remember that trend”? I really tried to stay away from trends unless it was something that I felt like was very important to who we were as people, for example the dog figurines on the cake. Essentially, the vision for the wedding was something that was neutral classic, with touches of light blue and intentional details throughout. That is the best way to sum up my thought process throughout the planning stages.

What was your theme and what inspired it?

Ashley: The only “theme” we had was neutral classic elegance. I wanted to stick with something we wouldn’t look back on and say “oh yeah that was definitely a 2023 wedding” because of certain trends which is why we chose to stick to a more classic feeling. Because our venue had the clear glass around the ceremony area and the gold details in the chandeliers, we chose to stick with a more elegance theme with gold details. When we toured our venue we knew this is exactly what we wanted so the venue really inspired the rest of our day, especially since we had never seen a venue like this before we wanted to amplify the parts of the venue that we had fallen in love with.

Can you share any special moments or highlights from your wedding day?

Ashley: One of my favorite things that we did was write every couple or person a letter. We put all of the envelopes on a board, and guests were directed to get the envelope to find their table and was surprised with a letter inside. We had people coming up to us in tears during the night telling us how sweet of a surprise this was. Even Adams dad was touched by this. I had heard a lot of brides say they felt like they didn’t get to talk to everyone at their wedding and I didn’t want this to be the case for us so the letters were a great way to give each person their own moment “with” us on that day. One of my favorite moments during the reception was when we had the DJ play Hannah Montana and it was such a fun moment to sing and dance with all the girls and relive our childhood. It was fun to have a throwback moment with everyone and everyone knew the words so it was a super hyped up moment too.

What are some tips you can share with other brides planning their weddings?

Ashley: My biggest tip for brides is to trust your instinct when talking to vendors. If something feels off, or the conversation feels very forced during your initial discussion or meeting, it’s probably not the one for you. Find people who are going to lift you up and support you leading up to the day and on the big day. I would also suggest designating someone in your bridal party to keep your phone the whole day so you can watch all the videos and look at all the photos while you’re waiting for your professional photos. When it comes to the little details, everyone said “don’t put too much thought into it, nobody will ever notice” and they were right, but what they don’t mention is how much YOU will notice. Don’t stress yourself out about the little details, but make sure you like your little details. They really do make a big difference. Think of a few things that are important to you guys and find out how to incorporate that into your day. Everything else will fall into place once you find those few important things. I cannot recommend a first look enough. Doing a first look helped us feel like we actually got to spend some time together that day. We did our first look, took some photos, and had about 15 minutes before the ceremony that we were able to hang out just us in the grooms suite. I highly highly recommend having this time. It really made us feel like we got to spend time together that day.

Is there anything else you’d like to share about your wedding?

Ashley: Looking back, I wouldn’t change one single thing about the day and I truly think that’s because I was able to put intentionality behind each decision we made. I’m so happy with everything, even the things that had to get changed at the last second due to cold weather and high winds. Everything was even more beautiful and perfect and I could have imagined.

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