Nashville Riverwood Mansion Wedding with Neutral Colors

This Couple Prioritized Private Moments at Their Riverwood Mansion Wedding

Emma and Darius envisioned a wedding day that was simple, yet far from basic. The historic charm of Riverwood Mansion provided the perfect backdrop for their dream wedding. The couple opted for a neutral color palette, weaving together soft hues that added a touch of grace and sophistication to the entire event. Emma and Darius encouraged their guests to wear all black, creating a striking contrast against the neutral backdrop, resulting in the pair standing out against a sea of stylish black attire. Amidst the celebrations, Emma and Darius understood the importance of intimate moments. They consciously took the time to share private exchanges, ensuring that they absorbed the emotions of the day together. These stolen moments allowed the couple to savor the significance of their celebration that was beautifully captured by VC Photography Co. Keep on scrolling to see some incredible highlights of their timeless, yet modern wedding!

Emma + Darius


Riverwood Mansion

Guests ~ 120

Tell us about the couple.

Victoria (photographer): This couple has such a sweet and genuine love for each other and the people that they surround themselves with. They were great friends in college and eventually ventured into being more. After a 8 years they decided to tie the knot. From the moment I met them I knew they wanted their wedding to be a day of making memories and enjoying each others company. From the intimate outdoor ceremony to the candlelit reception every detail was classy, modern, and inviting which was a great representation of the couple themselves.

Tell us about the couple’s vision.

Victoria: They are huge fans of neutrals and wanted to spice that up with an added element of elegance. The venue is beautiful as is without any decorations – they wanted to enhance that by having their guests be uniformly neutral in black while we were the only ones in white. They wanted simple, not basic, and the splatters of gold throughout played up the neutrals to add in that pop.

What was their theme and what inspired it?

Victoria: They wanted a modern take on vintage Hollywood. They loved the elegance and simplicity of it but wanted to add in some pieces that were unique their style. To capture this idea through photos I stylized many of their indoor photos using flash.

What details were used to create their theme?

Victoria: The natural beauty of the mansion and gardens further encouraged their vision and brought more inspiration. They added white roses and greenery to their ceremony site and black and gold signs and other small details that brought out the historic beauty of the venue. Their reception had a candlelight vibe that made their guest feel cozy and warm even with the colder weather.

Can you share any special moments or highlights of their wedding day?

From the couple: This is twofold for us. Firstly we wrote our own vows and did not say them to each other prior to the ceremony. While there were common themes between them (guess this comes from being together for nearly 8 years), having them come from our hearts made it much more meaningful. We also had a private last dance while our guests lined up for our sparkler exit. It was important to us to have private moments to check in with each other throughout the night and this one was the emotional release where we could look at each other after everything and say, “we did it.”

Did they have any special requests or unique challenges that you had to work together to overcome?

Victoria: One of their request was to capture the real emotions throughout the wedding between each other, their families, and their friends. Thankfully they didn’t run into any challenges. Cora Walsh and the planning team at Riverwood Mansion had the foresight to subvert any potential challenges before they even happened.

“Our night was flawless and this team did an excellent job to help make that happen,” shares the couple.”

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