The Motion Books: Watch Your Wedding Video Come to Life

Your wedding video – it’s something you as a couple will cherish for years to come. It is the one form of media where you can physically watch your wedding come to life and relive it. The video allows you to take in all of the emotions of the day and watch them happen in real time. The problem for a lot of couples is that anytime you want to watch it, you have to search for a video link, pull up a file on your computer, or even worse, dig out a DVD from your garage to play it on a DVD player or find an old computer with a disc insert (yep, that last one was me!). So what’s the solution here? How can you watch your wedding video quickly, anytime you want? The Motion Books is your answer!

What is The Motion Books?

The Motion Books is a linen bound wedding video book where you simply open the cover and your wedding video comes to life! The built-in video display has 4GB of memory, plays crisp audio that is volume adjustable, and comes with a charging wire. The magic is there, right on your bookshelf, anytime you want to relive the moment! Now guests can simply open the book on your coffee table and experience your wedding day right then and there.

How does The Motion Books work?

Ordering The Motion Books is actually quite simple! All you have to do is head to The Motion Books site, upload your wedding video link (or convert the files from the DVD and submit them), customize your book cover title and color, and complete your purchase! Your The Motion Books will be delivered straight to your door in the matter of a week or so.

The Best Keepsake Gift

If you’re newly married and looking for a gift for your spouse, The Motion Books is absolutely perfect! Surprising them with The Motion Books will be such a thrill! Watching them open the package, open the book, and see your wedding video automatically play is sure to bring tears to your eyes. Again, reliving that moment by simply opening a book is the most meaningful keepsake you could ask for! Whether an anniversary, a birthday, Christmas or a holiday is coming up, consider purchasing The Motion Books. It’s going to be a big hit not only with your significant other, but also with family and friends!

Ready to place your order? Check out The Motion Books here and stay tuned for some holiday sales coming soon! Be sure to follow them over on Instagram and TikTok to see the latest!



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