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The Benefits of Working with Bella Bridesmaids for Your Bridesmaid Dresses

With over 50 locations nationwide and the large variety of styles, colors and designs, Bella Bridesmaids is the perfect location for your ladies to get their bridesmaid dresses. Since they specifically cater to bridesmaids alone, everyone is able to have a fun and rewarding experience with the dress specialists. Learn more about the benefits of this showroom in the interview with Melanie below!

We love that Bella is a shop solely dedicated to bridesmaid dresses! What are some of the main perks for purchasing at Bella?

Melanie: It is a unique concept! There’s real value in being able to see dresses from over 20 designers all under one roof. We have the largest collection of dresses from the industry’s leading designers in our showroom. This gives us a wide range of fabrics, colors, price points and styles to choose from.

Since bridesmaids are our focus, not just an afterthought, we stay on top of trends and styles in this industry. When you make an appointment with us, you get the dedicated attention and expertise of a trained stylist. Also, as questions come up, you know there’s a person on the other end of the phone who’s walking through the process with you! We monitor shipping deadlines and production schedules, and keep up with discontinued styles and color to avoid last minute surprises. For me, it’s all about helping a bride during a super special time of her life. We’re all about making the process easier for her!

In-person consultations are so important! Tell us the benefits of getting fitted for your dress in person!

Melanie: Our stylists are trained to take measurements and compare them to the designer’s size chart to help a bridesmaid determine her size. Each designer has a different size chart, which doesn’t necessarily translate to the size you wear off the rack. We also have samples in other sizes to try on for comparison. Although alterations are to be expected, it’s definitely helpful to experience the dresses in person. We’re familiar with the dress construction and where there are (or aren’t) seam allowances. A style might great in a picture online, but feel totally different in person on a body. We work with ladies of all sizes, shapes and heights.

If your bridesmaids are located in different areas of the country, how would you suggest they get measured/fitted?

Melanie: This is one of my favorite things about Bella! Bridesmaids live all over? Bella is the perfect choice for you 🙂 There are over 50 Bellas nationwide. When a bride is working with us, her bridesmaids can go to any location for a complimentary fitting. They’ll get assistance with measurements from a trained stylist in that store, and will be able to try on styles. So they very much feel like they’re part of the experience! If a bridesmaid can’t make it to a Bella location we have a video with measurement instructions. Then they can talk through sizing with us over the phone or email. Orders are actually placed online through us, and then we ship to bridesmaids in different locations.

How can Bella Bridesmaids help with color matching and fabric choices?

Melanie: Seeing the colors and fabrics in person is super helpful. A swatch is helpful, but nothing compares to seeing a full dress in the color. By having so many designers here to see, a bride can literally create a palette to complete her vision. Mix and match styles are so popular right now. But creating that look takes attention and time to get that beautiful cohesion. When you see the colors in person, you notice the fabric undertones and can see which are complementary. When we order a party’s bridesmaids’ dresses, we place the order all at one time with the designer to ensure dye lot is consistent.

Tell us about how your knowledgable staff can help in the decision making process!

Melanie: Well, first and maybe most important, they are FUN! We want brides and their crew to have a good experience when they come in. Their time here should be comfortable, inviting and relaxing. But going deeper than that, the stylists spend time preparing or each appointment, knowing which designers will be a good fit for the bride’s vision considering price, color choices, production schedules, etc. They are dress specialists! We recognize that each bride is unique, so we give personal attention to give a bride her own special experience. And it doesn’t stop with the appointment! We’ll keep up with the ordering timeline, and handle all the details! We also have good relationships with our designer reps so we get prompt answers and assistance from them too.

Are there any other benefits to working with Bella Bridesmaids that you’d like to include?

Melanie: Bella uses a proprietary software system called the Virtual Showroom. This is an amazing way for brides to have visuals of their favorite dresses from their appointment. It’s a flexible tool that can easily be changed as she goes through the decision making process. It ‘s a digital extension of the in store experience. Eventually, this is the tool the bridesmaids will use to place their orders. It’s also nice to know that when you shop with Bella you’re supporting a Nashville business! I’ve been part of the Nashville community for 20+ years and am thrilled to be part of the wedding industry here.

We love that Bella Bridesmaids provides such a unique experience for bridesmaids! Be sure to check them out for your bridesmaid dresses! And huge thank you to Melanie for sharing more about your awesome store!


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