The Benefits of Booking a Wedding Venue with Accommodations from Reunion Stay | Nashville

Nashville is now a destination wedding city. That means wedding guests from all over the world travel here to watch their loved ones get married! But where will your wedding guests stay during their visit to Nashville? Why not book a Nashville wedding venue with accommodations? With 12+ bedrooms, Reunion Stay is the place to not only host your wedding, but house your guests! Check out our interview with property manager, Monica below to get all the scoop on why it’s a great idea to book a wedding venue with accommodations!

Monica: Reunion Stay is very unique place. Not only are there limitless possibilities concerning the execution of the big day, additionally we have 12 plus bedrooms at the estate to lodge guests, family, bridal party etc… This is the way to enjoy your people.  It is truly a reunion.  AND, there are so many amenities available it’s crazy! When you choose Reunion Stay for your venue, it includes the entire property and all of its amenities. Ultimately you are renting the house and choosing to throw a party. You would handle all vendors (catering, florals, tables, tents, rentals) separately. We do have a preferred vendor list to help you in this process.

Monica: A couple that really wants to be with everyone. A couple with imagination. This is beyond an event… you are making memories!

Monica: Well everyone can stay in the property.  All of the events (rehearsal dinner, ceremony, reception, brunch) can take place at the property! Not a lot of driving is necessary.  In theory, you should not have to leave the estate.

Monica: We have 11 bedrooms and additional rollaway beds. There is still so much unused space for air mattresses, etc… The property can sleep from 25-50.

Monica: It just depends on the group.  You could just house the wedding party, that makes for a really wild & crazy weekend!  Oodles of laughs and silliness!  You can have family, and your wedding weekend doubles as a phenomenal reunion! You could have both groups mixed, there is no right or wrong way to do it! The only tip I have is to have room assignments established before anyone arrives. Put the names on the doors!!  Such a time saver!

Monica: I would say floating lanterns… Even if you do not leave (most couples do not)-what a breathtaking way to seal the event!!

Monica: There is no place like Reunion Stay.  Your accommodations are amazing. The space inside the property is sleek & modern, you cannot help feel relaxed. Add to that boutique hotel vibe, unreal amenities!  Heated pool, jacuzzi, 8 acres of lovely outdoor space, pool, ping pong, air hokey, foosball, darts, PS4, XBox one, VR Vive, essential oil diffusers in every room, smart TVs in all rooms, 2 kitchens… the list goes on & on! You basically have your own private resort!

These are awesome tips, Monica! Thank you for sharing! Be sure to check out for more info on how you can book your wedding there. And also catch the latest weddings and events happening there on Instagram


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