The Beauty of the Outdoors Meets Modernity: Meet The Ruby Cora

With agricultural vibes, stunning sunsets, and a contemporary indoor space that’s ready to be adorned with your wedding day details, meet The Ruby Cora. Just 40 minutes outside Nashville, the beauty of the outdoors meets modernity with ease at this local wedding venue. This blank canvas is filled the perfect amount of natural light and is a great option for those who want a trendier city vibe, but still love to be surrounded by greenery — which we must say is a winning combination for stunning portraits! If you aren’t already sold, Marcia is here to prove to you how wonderful her venue and her team truly are. Keep on reading for find out more!

Tennessee Event Space The Ruby Cora
Tennessee Event Space The Ruby Cora
Tennessee Event Space The Ruby Cora

Tell us about The Ruby Cora + how long you’ve been in business.

Marcia: Greeting to all! The Ruby Cora was founded in 2015 by a vision to create a pristine inside/outside environment for couples. Our vision became a reality in 2018. In the 3 1/2 year gap, we hired and worked with our architect in extreme detail, hired a builder and a design team. Along with the team, we created a modern, clean lined, industrial, studio type venue, flooded in natural light. The goal was for ANY type of wedding style to be created here, as the Grand Hall is a blank pallet ready to spring to life on wedding day. The Ruby Cora sits in the midst of a 140 acre manicured Century Farm that creates a natural, stunningly vibrant backdrop.

How did you get started in weddings?

Marcia: We were encouraged by friends to share the property with others when Nathan and I married 6 years ago on the property. We made the decision the morning after our wedding to design and build a business catering to others needs.

Tennessee Event Space The Ruby Cora
Wedding at The Ruby Cora
The Ruby Cora Wedding Portrait

What’s the philosophy behind The Ruby Cora?

Marcia: Hospitality is my top spiritual gift, weddings are undoubtedly the most money spent on one day, the most important day and most anticipated day in any persons life. With that level of heightened emotion couples need to be assured that they are in a safe space with us and that we are able to ease the process while creating a day that is magical, fun, exciting and all guests declare it the BEST wedding ever. We understand that this process of selecting a venue, planning a wedding can be confusing and stressful to couples. From our first communication we alleviate that concern as we develop a unique dialogue with each couple. This allows us to gain trust as we begin the journey of unfolding their thoughts of their wedding day into a reality.

What are your strengths compared to others in your category?

Marcia: We have a few things that we feel makes us a standout, first is our team of individuals that embody a true and constant focus on the experience of the couple, family, vendors, and all guests. We are available, there is always a team member on site ready to assist and answer questions, backed by a willing and happy spirit. Next and almost as important is our dedication to maintaining a crisp, clean building and property. We want every person that enters to feel as if they are the first person to visit The Ruby Cora. The last focus is on learning from each couple, you teach us what is important as we work together to plan your wedding day. This focus allows us to further expand our ability to serve others.

Tennessee Wedding at The Ruby Cora
The Ruby Cora Wedding | Nashville Bride Guide

What attracts couples to The Ruby Cora (+ describe that couple!)?

Marcia: The Ruby Cora has the ‘big city vibe’, without the traffic, noise and parking difficulties, our tagline is ‘a modern space in a quiet place’. We attract those who have a love of the outdoors who also seek all the comforts a modern building offers. We have the ability to open ‘full view’ doors up to the Lanai and Patio overlooking our lake and acres of croplands. We are known for our sunsets, as we are located in a high elevation in Tennessee. We have been dubbed the King and Queen of sunsets. Guests gather outside on Lanai and Patio to enjoy the music and serene atmosphere.

What is the most innovative new product, service, style or other aspect of your industry that brides and grooms might appreciate? (Think trends, major changes, etc.)

Maria: We are quite simply, not a barn. We believe that couples love the romantic feeling of agricultural property while also desiring all the amenities of a modern building. Photographers rave about the property and the lighting offered by the Grand Hall. Our concept allows amazing pictures no matter what the Tennessee weather has on tap for the day. We also offer equal apportioned amenities in our dressing quarters for the bridal party and for the groom’s party. Weddings at The Ruby Cora are a full day affair, when you choose us, we take care of the details that allow you and yours to simply take in every moment of your wedding day.

The Ruby Cora Event Space
The Ruby Cora Wedding | Nashville Bride Guide

You definitely won’t regret hosting your celebration at this amazing wedding venue. If you’re interested in learning more about The Ruby Cora, be sure to check out their website and reach out!

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