Sweet Outdoor Narrows of the Harpeth Engagement by Lindsey Brown Photography featured on Nashville Bride Guide

Sweet Outdoor Narrows of the Harpeth Engagement by Lindsey Brown Photography

As lovers of the outdoors, it only made sense that Ashley and Matthew took their engagement photos with nature surrounding them. They embraced the sweet scenery of the Narrows of the Harpeth engagement session, with Lindsey Brown Photography behind the lens making their inspiration a dream come true. The strolled through the area in casual attire before swapping it out for more formal wear; both looks complementing the detail wonderfully! With the prettiest light and love, get lost in the romance of these enchanting images!

How did you get engaged? Tell us about your proposal.

Ashley: We got engaged on Christmas Eve 2018. Matthew proposed in front of my immediate family before our Christmas Eve party and it was a surprise to everyone around (Matthew asked my Dad for permission about a year and a half prior). We had since had a baby boy who was 1 month old at the time. He had me read a poem he had written and incoorperated our son into popping the question! (on the onsie)!

How many guests are you expecting?

Ashley: 100-120

What’s your wedding style?

Ashley: Very minimal, lots of whites and neutrals

What aspect of being engaged has surprised you the most?

Ashley: The timing. I had no idea it was coming, especially since a Harley motorcycle was purchased a few days before………. and a house……. so I was a little blindsided by that one considering other large purchases were just had.

What have you most enjoyed about being engaged?

Ashley: I enjoyed the chapter of being engaged. We were able to enjoy our 1st year engaged with our newborn and a lot of home time. It was a special family bond.

Tell us about your engagement session. Where did it take place?

Ashley: We did an engagement session with Lindsey at Narrows of the Harpeth in TN.

What’s the significance of the location?

Ashley: Matthew and I have always loved Nashville, TN and we have always frequented the city for weekends while we were dating. We both love good live music and just having a great time together. It made sense for us to do our engagement session here since we were in the area planning our wedding (which was originally planned as a destination wedding in Nashville)

What was it like working with your photographer?

Ashley: Lindsey was awesome! The whole time we had so much fun and she did a spectacular job., Lindsey was the one who had the idea of the location after I showed her some inspo photos and she did a great job matching the location to my vision!

What did you like most about the session?

Ashley: Being outside in natural surroundings. Matthew and I both love the outdoors so it made sense for us.

Would you recommend Lindsey Brown Photography and why?

Ashley: I would absolutely recommend Lindsey to anyone I could! She did a wonderful job, was a great communicator and her work was awesome! She also was very fair with rates.

Ohh la la! These bright and airy photos are a dream! Thanks so much to Lindsey Brown Photography for sharing this sweet outdoor Narrows of the Harpeth engagement session with us!


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