Subscription Boxes: Locally Made Gifts Your Bridesmaids Can Enjoy Long After Your Wedding

We spoke with Kim to get all of the info that you need to know about this delightful gift idea:

Where did your inspiration for the subscription box come?

My inspiration came from all of the cool boxes that I see friends on Facebook & Instagram receiving.  I'm not inventing the wheel and saw other cool choices that included stationery.  From there, it was selecting the different types to offer.

What does a bridesmaid subscription box include?
The bridesmaid box can really include whatever the bride desires.  It will always include stationery, that's a given!!!  I always suggest giving my 'starter' paper box.  It includes personalized stationery and a personalized pen.  It is all one needs to start that handwritten note.

Are the boxes customizable?
Yes, the boxes are customizable.  That is really what I think is the best part.  I love taking clues from my customers and coming up with something unique and different.

Can the boxes be personalized?
Each paper box can be personalized to fit any situation.  One of the paper boxes is a lovely set of thank-you notes.  Another is geared towards our younger generation.  In the age of technology, that age group needs to learn now how to properly write a note.

What is the price for each box?
The basic price for a paper box is $27.95, but it truly depends on what the needs of the customer are.

What are the subscription options? 3 months, 6 months, a year?
The paper box subscription is one; three; six and twelve months.

How far in advance would a bride need to place the order?
To ensure that I am giving my customer the best, I would like at least 10 days for a custom box.  I can make it happen a lot sooner, just let me know!

To gift these boxes to your bridesmaids or to create custom Nashville welcome gifts for your VIP guests, contact paperKuts studio at 615.885.0231 or