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Spicy 5 Year Anniversary Photo Shoot at The Hermitage Hotel

Alex Ann + Michael


April 9, 2024

Hermitage Hotel ~ Nashville, TN

I am thrilled to present a stunning anniversary session captured at the historic Hermitage Hotel in Nashville. This glamorous celebration marked the couple’s 5-year milestone, and every detail was meticulously planned to reflect their love and style.

The Hermitage Hotel, with its opulent architecture and timeless elegance, provided the perfect backdrop for this unforgettable shoot. The grand setting, coupled with the couple’s sophisticated attire, created a visually captivating experience that is both luxurious and intimate.

A unique and heartwarming aspect of this session was the inclusion of the couple’s beloved dog, adding a personal and charming touch to the images. The dog, a cherished member of their family, brought an element of joy and authenticity that beautifully complemented the grandeur of the venue.

Tell us about the shoot vision. 

Perry, Photographer: We wanted to take a normal anniversary session to another level and make it fun, chic and glamorous.

What was the theme and what inspired it? 

Perry, Photographer: Really we wanted something classy but non traditional!

What details were used to create the theme? 

Perry, Photographer: Fun shoes, a bedazzled fishnet dress and of course the hotel.

Can you share any special moments or memories from the day? 

Perry, Photographer: The couple included their dog!

Were there any special requests or unique challenges you had to overcome?

Perry, Photographer: It was a bit tricky to maneuver the hotel

Wow, what a stunning anniversary session and a brilliant idea! Thank you again to Perry Hancock Photography for sharing with us! Check out more anniversary session and real stories here!


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