Entertain Nashville Wedding DJ and Live Band

Simply Majestic by Entertain!: A New Wedding DJ/Live Music Concept You Have to See

What do you get when you fuse together live talent with exquisite DJ skills? Simply Majestic by Entertain! This new wedding DJ meets live must concept is a must-see. Entertain! recognized that the people of Nashville love live music, but live bands can only perform so much. However if you add in a DJ then there are an endless amounts of beats to bust! It’s a one of a kind experience and Brandon from Entertain! is sharing more about Simply Majestic below.

Entertain! Nashville wedding dj and live band

Tell us all about Simply Majestic!

Brandon: Combining the talents of a live guitarist with the music and skills of a DJ, to create a mind-blowing experience. Since forming in 2019, they have exploded due to their uniqueness and raw talent. They have performed for audiences in 35 different countries in 6 different continents. In 2022 they performed at the music festival Bonnaroo. They have tons of experiences with celebrity private parties, conferences, festivals, corporate functions, and have performed at many weddings. If you are looking for a jaw-dropping experience to amaze your guests, Simply Majestic is the perfect fit.

How did you come up with Simply Majestic?

Brandon: We realized that many people who travel or live in Nashville love live music. However, a band can only play a select playlist and has to take multiple breaks. A talented DJ mixes and beat matches seamlessly, reads the crowd, and keeps high energy on the dance floor all night. We decided to combine the two to give clients a unique experience with endless possibilities.

Simply Majestic by Entertain! Nashville wedding dj and live band

What would you tell a couple who cannot decide between a DJ and live music for their wedding?

Brandon: I love listening to an incredible band at events; however, there’s a lot of factors that come in play when picking a band. Most bands have a select catalog so they are only limited to what they know, they require breaks which could really bring a lull to a dance floor, and guests tend to want to hear their favorite dance/party songs and a lot of these songs can’t be played without a DJ. If you do book a band, I would recommend booking a DJ as well to play during the breaks, and to play the last hour or 2 for the end of the night. By booking us, we can provide the best of both worlds.

Is there a certain genre of music that Simply Majestic typically sticks to?

Brandon: We are open format and can play any genre and eras.

What type of couple typically books Simply Majestic?

Brandon: Our clients that typically book us are ones looking for guests to have the greatest night of their life. Our couples are always raving about how impressed they were by us, and how their guests still talk about how great their entertainment was months later. We truly care about helping make your special day everything you can dream of, and by booking Simply Majestic we would provide an unique experience that your guests will still talk about for years to come.

We absolutely love this concept! Thanks so much to Brandon for sharing all about Simply Majestic by Entertain!

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